Christmas Gifts 🎄

Christmas is only 21 days away. If you haven’t found the perfect gift or you need some last minute bits then check out our gift guide. We have split our guide into some popular style personalities so you can find the perfect jewelry or accessory to suit anyone.


Ladies who have a classic style personality tend to go for accessories that are simple and elegant. You want a piece that will stand the test of time. Look for jewelry that is either gold or silver with classic cuts. As it’s Christmas choose something with a subtle sparkle. The same goes with accessories choose items that are neutral in colour and that will look effortlessly stylish.




A glamorous lady will love wearing statement jewelry and accessories. Large earrings and rings are usually worn and bib necklaces are a must have item. Choose accessories that are stylish. A good trend to try is faux fur it is perfect for a glam outfit. Whatever you choose make sure it’s chic and luxury looking. It’s Christmas time so you could choose something that is red or sparkly.



Ladies with a minimalist style personality will go for simple jewelry and accessories. This styles must have colours are black and white so monochrome pieces will give the wearer a stylish look. Overall you are looking for simple and subtle designs that can be worn with any outfit. Because it is a Christmas gift you could choose something with very subtle sparkle.


Playful & Creative

Women who have a playful and creative personality style like to express themselves with bold designs and bright colours. Chunky jewelry and asymmetrical designs are often a must have for this style. As it is Christmas you could choose something that is green or red and is very sparkly.



Ladies who have a bohemian style personality like to show off their inner flower child. The colour palette for this style is usually bright and bold. Accessories are key to the boho style. Choose jewelry that uses turquoise stones and stackable bracelets are a must have. Because it is Christmas try choosing something that has Christmas colours. A Christmas inspired bracelet stack would be perfect.



Women who have a feminine style personality like plenty of gemstones and sparkle in their jewelry. Choose jewelry or accessories in soft and feminine colours. Pink is a must have colour. Christmas is perfect for the the feminine style, there are so many pieces with plenty of glitz that will jazz up any outfit.




Trendsetters love jewelry and accessories that show off their individual style. Ladies who have this personality want to wear what other people aren’t wearing yet. So for this style choose jewelry and accessories that is unique to them. So choose their favourite colour or their favourite animal. As it is Christmas choose something that is glitzy and has Christmassy colours.


All the jewelry and accessories featured in this post is available on our website. We hope you have found the perfect gift. Make sure you like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Pinterest.


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