What to Wear on Valentine’s Day | Envious Gems

Valentine’s Day is almost here! This holiday is the perfect opportunity to glam up and dress to impress. Whether you’ve got a special date planned or you’re hitting the town solo. At Envious Gems, we have created a short guide on the best styles to make any heart skip a beat.

Pink Blush

Pink is one of the colors that represent love. There are so many shades of pink to try but if you want an outfit that is romantic but also bang on trend then go for blush pink. This light pink is very feminine and captures the sweet side of romance. You can wear blush pink in so many ways no matter your style. Dresses are cute and ladylike, skirts and jumpsuits are chic. Crop tops are flirty and trendy. We have put together a few pink outfits perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Envious Gems Valentine's Day 2017 Blush Pink Fashion Jewelry


Ruffles are going to be a huge trend this spring. Valentine’s is the perfect time to start wearing ruffles as it’s a fun and flirty style feature that will suit any occasion. Skirts and dresses are must haves. These are an easy choice because these will suit any dress code from a posh restaurant to night clubs. Get inspired on how to be romantic in ruffles.

Envious Gems Valentine's Day 2017 Ruffles Fashion Jewelry


Lace is a classic Valentine’s style. It’s feminine, romantic and very stylish. There are many ways to wear this delicate fabric. Full lace is graceful and ladylike. Pretty lace tops and skirts are sweet and flirty. Tight fitting dresses with sheer lace panels can give an alluring vintage vibe. Here are a selection of lovely lace pieces for inspiration.

Envious Gems Valentine's Day 2017 Lace Fashion Jewelry


Red is a hot, passionate and stylish color. Perfect for Valentine’s Day. In dresses you could try choosing something knee length or longer. This length will keep it romantic and classy. Jumpsuits are a trendy and chic alternative to a dress. Pants and skirts can be worn again and again so would be a great investment buy. Take a peek at these beautiful red outfits.

Envious Gems Valentine's Day 2017 Red Fashion Jewelry

Lace Up

We love the lace up trend at Envious Gems. We have covered it before for our blog and you can have a read here. On this post it has had a Valentine’s Day makeover. The lace up style is trendy and can have some flirty cutout features. It is a bold look that is great if you want an edgy outfit instead of the classic romantic style. Check out these outfits we put together.

Envious Gems Valentine's Day 2017 Lace Up Fashion Jewelry


We couldn’t let Valentine’s Day pass by without showing some novelty love heart prints. These are a great way to have some fun on the holiday. Blouses, dresses and skirts are a stylish way to wear a heart print. You can be as tacky or as chic as you like. Have a look at these styles that will give your outfit some heart.

Envious Gems Valentine's Day 2017 Heart Fashion Jewelry

We hope you found inspiration for your Valentine’s Day look. All the jewelry featured is available on the Envious Gems website. You can also check out our Valentine’s jewelry picks here. Perfect as gifts. Come back on Friday for hair and makeup tips that will steal anyone’s heart.


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