Valentine’s Day Hair & Makeup Tips | Envious Gems

Only four days to go until Valentine’s Day! This week we have covered must have gifts and the best outfits to wear on the special day. Today we are looking at hair and makeup. How you style these can be just as important as the clothes you wear because it’s the finishing touch. Check out our guide on the best hair and makeup for Valentine’s Day.

Embellished Headband

Embellished headbands are beautiful and feminine, perfect for Valentine’s Day. You could wear with loose curls or straight hair or as it is a special occasion you could try a wispy romantic updo.

Envious Gems Headband Necklace Valentine's Day 2017

To get this look you could use a headband or a necklace. A necklace is unique and gives you more options. If you’re using a necklace choose something sparkly and with a chain. Experiment by draping on your hair and then secure with bobby pins. Here are some necklaces that would be great to use as a headband.

Envious Gems Headband Necklaces Chokers Valentine's Day 2017


Pink is a color of love. Making it a fabulous choice for Valentine’s day. It is a sweet and flirty color. Wear a pink lipstick, pink blush or a sweep of pink eyeshadow. With the eyeshadow, you could even add a little glitter. This look is perfect if you don’t like a lot of makeup.

Envious Gems Pink Makeup Valentine's Day 2017


Nothing says elegance and romance like an updo. There are so many styles to try but as its Valentine’s Day we would recommend a bun. You could go for sophisticated and sleek, high on your head or low and wispy. A loose bun would be a beautiful choice as its graceful and feminine.

Envious Gems Hair Up Do Bun Valentine's Day 2017

An updo is the perfect way to show off your jewelry. To keep a soft look try wearing sparkling studs. Clear crystals will go with everything. If you want a pop of color choose crystals with bright shades. Rose would be a great choice as it is the color of love.

Envious Gems Stud Earrings Valentine's Day 2017

Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes are sophisticated and smouldering. This style suits any eye color and skin tone and it is easier to create than it looks. You can purchase smokey eye palettes with instructions and there are plenty of online tutorials. Give it a go to wow your sweetheart.

Envious Gems Makeup Smokey Eye Valentine's Day 2017

One Side Hair

Wearing your hair on the side will give you an alluring glamorous look. Style your hair as you normally would whether that be straight, wavy or curly. Then just secure with bobby pins. It’s that simple!

Envious Gems Side Hair Valentine's Day 2017

Statement earrings are a huge trend this year. So try finishing this hair style with an eye-catching pair of earrings. Something sparkly is a must.

Envious Gems Statement Earrings Valentine's Day 2017

Red Lips

Red lips are a classic make up style that will give you a vintage vibe. There are many shades to choose from. Red is a passionate color and will make a statement. If vibrant shades aren’t for you then go a little darker. Apply with a lip brush if you only want a sweep of color.

Envious Gems Red Lipstick Makeup Valentine's Day 2017

We hope you have found the perfect Valentine’s hair and makeup. All the jewelry featured is available on the website. All that is left to say is Happy Valentine’s Day from Envious Gems!


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