Hobby Inspired Jewelry | Envious Gems

We all have hobbies we enjoy. Whether it’s about socialising, unwinding or just to be part of something you’re passionate about. Ultimately, it’s about having a good time. At Envious Gems, we have created stylish jewelry inspired by favourite hobbies. Take a look to see if yours is there. If not it could give you some inspiration on what to try next ;).


Keen baker or know someone who is? Then our cooking bracelet is for you. It features sweet charms that include: a cook book, spoon, mixer, made with love and Envious Gems. It is the perfect treat for any jewelry box.

Envious Gems Cook Book Silver Tone Expandable Wire Bracelet


Our next pick is perfect for the gym buff who likes lifting weights. This charm bracelet has a variety of charms. A weight charm, barbell, made in the USA and an Envious Gems charm. It will be a trendy finishing touch to your outfits for working out and beyond.

Envious Gems Barbell Weightlifter Silver Tone Expandable Wire Bracelet

Going to the Beach

Love ocean activities, the beach and sunbathing? We have the necklace for you! This gorgeous necklace comes with a beach girl pendant, starfish charm and small crystal. You can wear this with any outfit for any occasion.

Beach Girl Starfish Silver Plated Pendant Necklace

Horse Riding

We have a new range of horse riding and cowgirl bracelets available in our Amazon shop. Today we have chosen our riding bracelet. The bracelet features beautiful charms including: I’d rather be riding, 3D horse charm, horse head, made in the USA and an Envious Gems charm. This is a must have bracelet for a stylish cowgirl! You can view our other bracelets here.

Envious Gems Horse Riding Bracelet



Here’s another bracelet for the ocean lovers. A windsurfer bracelet. It is a delicate wire bracelet and comes with a variety of charms. A palm tree, windsurfer, dolphin, made in the USA and Envious Gems. This is a lovely piece for anyone who enjoys this water sport.

Envious Gems summer windsurfer Palm Tree Silver Tone Expandable Wire Bracelet


Yoga is a popular activity for people across the globe. It is a great way to relax. For many yoga is more than just a practice but a better way of living. So why not take this stress-free attitude into your fashion. We have a beautiful yoga inspired bracelet available. It has many charms such as Namaste, yoga pose, lotus flower, OM and Envious Gems. This is a must have for any stylish yogi.

Yoga Namaste Lotus Flower Silver Tone Expandable Wire Bracelet


Bingo has become very popular. It’s a time to socialize and have fun with your friends. If you or someone you know loves bingo, then this bracelet is a must have. It comes with lucky charms including: a four-leaf clover, bingo, luck, wishbone, horseshoe and Envious Gems. Look chic at your next bingo game you might even get a little luck.

Envious Gems Bingo Four Leaf Clover Silver Tone Expandable Wire Bracelet


Going on a bike ride is fun for the whole family. For some people cycling is a passion and a sport. We have a stunning collection of Swarovski bicycle necklaces available and today we are showing you our Aquamarine pendant. It features two blue crystal wheels and smaller clear crystals on the handlebars and seat. This is great for anyone who likes to cycle in style.

Envious Gems Cute Girl's Bicycle Aquamarine Swarovski Elements Crystal Pendant Necklace

Found jewelry for your hobby? Then order on the Envious Gems website or Amazon page. Each bracelet is expandable. Would be great as gifts! Follow our blog for fashion, jewelry and more.


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