Caring For Your Fashion Jewelry | Envious Gems

Fashion jewelry is an easy way to refresh your look with the latest trends. You can add the seasons colors, prints and more to your outfit without spending a lot of money. The downside is that the jewelry won’t last forever. You might have found the perfect piece but over time tarnishing appears or it might not look as bright as it used to. We can’t stop this from happening but we can make our jewelry last longer. Take a look at the Envious Gems guide to caring for your fashion jewelry.

Tip 1: Keep your jewelry dry!

This is one of the easiest but most important things you can do. Keeping your jewelry dry will slow down tarnishing and will stop any green tinges that can stain the skin. So take off your jewelry when washing hands, putting on perfume and when applying creams and lotions. When everything has dried you can put your jewelry back on. This is a small step but will make a lot of difference.

Envious Gems Jewelry Care Dry

Tip 2: Put jewelry on last

There is a phrase that you may have heard that goes “last on, first off”. This means that while youre getting ready put everything on clothes, make up, perfume and hairspray. Then put your jewelry on last. This will ensure that your jewelry won’t get exposed to chemicals and will stay dry. After your day is done take your jewelry off first. This will stop your jewelry getting caught on clothing, keeping both your jewelry and clothes in the best condition.

Envious Gems Jewelry Care Dry first on last off

Tip 3: Remove for tasks and activities

It is important to remove your jewelry for household tasks and exercise. Washing dishes, doing laundry, showering and gardening are some of the main things we do that will damage jewelry. These cause tarnishing, dullness or even breakage. The same goes for exercise with the added problem of sweat. Sweat will ruin your jewelry and may cause the jewelry to stain your skin.

Envious Gems Jewelry Care Activites

Tip 4: Give it a coat

Watches, bracelets and rings are the biggest culprits for staining the skin. You take off your rings to wash your hands or you take off your accessories at the end of a warm day and a green tinge may be left behind. A great tip in stopping this is to put a little coat of clear nail polish on the back of your jewelry. It stops the sweat and oils from skin going onto your jewelry. Not only that but it’s a cheap and easy solution.

Envious Gems Jewelry Nail PolishTip 5: Clean and store your jewelry properly!

When you’ve taken off your jewelry at the end of your day it is important to store it properly. You can put your jewelry in a pouch, choose something soft like velvet. Another easy way to store jewelry is in a zip lock bag. This will keep dust at bay. If you have a larger collection choose a jewelry box that has plenty of space. This allows organization and easy storage. Each solution stops exposure to air which vital in keeping jewelry looking it’s best.

Envious Gems Jewelry Storage.jpg

We hope you have learnt new tips. Have your own tricks? Feel free to share! The jewelry featured is available on the Envious Gems website. Make sure you take a look at our full range. There is something for everyone!


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