Get the Look: New York Fashion Week | Envious Gems

Over the past week designers, models and celebrities have all been seen attending runway shows, after parties and more at New York Fashion Week.  Now we are at the end of the shows of NYFW it’s the perfect time to see some of the best looks from the trendsetting week gone by. We will be giving you a style break down of the some of the hottest looks worn by Instagram star and fashion icon Kendall Jenner as well as in demand model Bella Hadid. These two ruled fashion week so take a look at the Envious Gems guide on how to get a stylish supermodel look.

Bella Hadid – Twin Bun

Bella Hadid was spotted after the Anna Sui show with her partners in crime Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. This edgy outfit has had every fashionista talking. We love this look because it’s a stylish combo of 90’s grunge and rebellion.

Bella Hadid NYFW 2017

Bella’s look is quite easy to achieve. The first thing that catches your eye is the striped sweater. Next is a denim mini skirt. We’ve seen some great ones for as little as $19! Next add some knee high boots just like Bella. Finish off with two buns in your hair and a choker like our sunshine choker. Your look is complete.

Bella Hadid NYFW 2017 Envious Gems

Kendall Jenner – Tupac Top

Kendall Jenner attended the V magazine party. Her quirky look has been a huge hit and we think it is a fun outfit that everyone can wear. The casual Tupac t-shirt paired with a mini skirt and heels probably shouldn’t work but it does!

Kendall Jenner  NYFW 2017

This is an outfit you can really have fun with. Start off with a Tupac top as there are plenty of choices online.  Then just add a black skirt. Kenny wore a tassel black skirt so go for that style. Finish off with ankle boots and bling earrings. Our large teardrop crystal earrings would be perfect!

Kendall Jenner NYFW 2017 Envious Gems

Bella Hadid – Chic Fur

Bella was spotted in a seriously stylish look. She wore a bold star pattern faux fur jacket with black pants, ankle boots and aviator sunglasses. We love this outfit.

Bella Hadid 2 NYFW 2017

To recreate this outfit you could go for a similar jacket with both the color and stars. To make it easier you could choose just one feature. Wear with nice black pants and boots. Finish off with aviator sunglasses like our silver Goliath sunnies.

Bella Hadid 2 NYFW 2017 Fur Envious Gems

Kendall Jenner – Statement Fur

To celebrate her success and the end of fashion week. Kendall was spotted at a restaurant with her friends wearing sneakers and faux fur coat. The outfit she wore is a trendy take on comfortable meets glam. This is great for when you want to look stylish but relaxed.

Kendall Jenner 2 NYFW 2017


The most important part of this outfit is the coat! For this look red is a must so get shopping to find the perfect red coat. Kendall wore her coat with comfy pants and sneakers. Finish off you’re a-List style with a big pair of shades. Our bronze Goliath aviators would look great.

Kendall Jenner 2 NYFW 2017 Fur Envious Gems

We hope you have found the perfect supermodel look. All the jewelry and sunglasses featured are available on the Envious Gems website and all the clothing featured can be found online. So get shopping!


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