Spring 2017 Pantone Colors | Envious Gems

February is nearly over meaning we are almost in the month of March. During this blossoming month, we will say goodbye to winter and hello to spring! With the new season, will come fresh colors and trends. With that said we thought it would be a good time to look at the spring Pantone shades. Pantone report what tones are being used in designer collections for the season. So, have a look at the essential new colors to get you ahead of the fashion pack this Spring.

Primrose Yellow

This is a sunny shade that pantone have described as “joyful yellow”. It is a beautiful shade that will give your wardrobe a zesty update for the spring. Will look gorgeous in summer to!

Envious Gems Pantone Spring 2017 Primrose Yellow

Pale Dogwood

Pale Dogwood is a soft color. Pantone have said it is a “peaceful pink”. If you don’t like the bold tones, then this is perfect for you. Even if you do, it is great to break up the vibrant pieces.

Envious Gems Pantone Spring 2017 Pale Dogwood


Another subtle tone in the report is Hazelnut. It is a chic color that has been described by Pantone as a “key neutral for spring.” This is a stylish shade that you can wear now, in spring through to summer and even autumn.

Envious Gems Pantone Spring 2017 Hazelnut

Island Paradise

Island Paradise is a beautiful color that is said to symbolize “tropical settings and our desire to unwind” as the name suggests! It is the perfect way to brighten up your look. We love it because it reminds us of the sunny skies that are set to come.

Envious Gems Pantone Spring 2017 Island Paradise


The next pick is the color of the year! Pantone have said Greenery “speaks to our need to explore, experiment and reinvent”. It is a fresh shade perfect for adding some vibrancy and zest to your wardrobe. You can check out our blog post on the color of year here.

Envious Gems Pantone Spring 2017 Greenery


Flame is a warm color that Pantone have said will “add firery heat to the spring 17 palette.” We love this color because it is a bright tone that will thaw out our winter wardrobe.

Envious Gems Pantone Spring 2017 Flame

Pink Yarrow

There couldn’t be a spring list without pink! It has been described by Pantone as a “stimulating color that lifts spirits.” This is the beautiful tone that will make you look pretty in pink throughout the sunny seasons.

Envious Gems Pantone Spring 2017 Pink Yarrow


Niagara is a cool color for spring. Pantone says it “speaks to our desire for ease and relaxation.” This is a stylish hue that will fit the relaxed spring/summer vibe perfectly.

Envious Gems Pantone Spring 2017 Niagara


Kale is a popular vegetable and now it’s a popular color to! Pantone have described Kale as a shade that will “conjure our desire to connect to nature.” It seems the spring colors are reflecting the change in nature for the new season. Vibrant green grass and blooms of flowers are coming.

Envious Gems Pantone Spring 2017 Kale

Lapis Blue

For spring, colors become brighter and softer. Lapis Blue is the intense color of the collection. Pantone have described it as “strong and confident”. This will be the perfect pop of color when you need a boost.

Envious Gems Pantone Spring 2017 Lapis Blue

We don’t know about you but we love this vibrant collection of colors. You can read the report from Pantone here. All the jewelry and sunglasses featured is available on the Envious Gems website.


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