Jewelry Picks of the Week | Envious Gems

Take a look at the Envious Gems top picks of the week. Any of these stylish pieces will be the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

Natural Crystal Drop Gold Plated Earrings

The first pick is a pair of earrings that are great to have in the jewelry box. These earrings feature three crystals in beautiful colours. You can dress these up or down to suit any occasion from a day out with the girls to a special occasion like a wedding.

Envious Gems Natural Crystal Drop natural Gold Plated Earrings

Live Laugh Love Tri-Color Plated Disc Pendant Necklace

We love the mixed metal look at Envious Gems. So, our next piece is our tri-color necklace. It has three disc pendants plated in silver, gold and rose gold. Not only that but it features the cute quote live, laugh love. This will look gorgeous with any outfit.

Envious Gems Live Laugh Love Tri-Color Plated Disc Pendant Necklace

Infinity Brown Pebbled Leather Wrap Bracelet

Wrap bracelets are a fashion favourite. These never go out of style and give a layered look with just one bracelet. Making our next pick our brown pebbled leather bracelet. This bracelet will really suit the relaxed and casual vibe that comes with spring/summer trends. It also features a CZ gold plated infinity sign. Giving it a subtle sparkle.

Envious Gems Infinity Brown Pebbled Leather Wrap Bracelet

Large Coral 4 Leaf Clover Earrings

We are almost in spring, which means the weather can only get brighter. What is a spring/summer color favourite? Coral of course! Coral is a fun and vibrant shade which is a must have for the warmer months. So, next on the list is our clover earrings. These feature a four-leaf clover design in a beautiful bright coral. Will be the perfect statement piece for any occasion.

Envious Gems Large Coral 4 Leaf Clover Earrings

American Multi Color Leather BoHo Choker Necklace

Boho fashion always comes back around in Spring. It has become an essential style. So, make a start on your new look for the new season with our American Boho choker necklace. It features a groovy blue, red and white design. It is a trendy necklace that can be dressed up or down.

Envious Gems American Multi Color Leather BoHo Choker Necklace

Padparadscha Swarovski Elements Crystal Round 7mm Stud Earrings

Padparadscha is a fiery color. It is the perfect shade to warm up your outfits for the last of winter. Not only that but vibrant shades like these are perfect for the upcoming seasons. Making our crystal earrings a must have for any jewelry box. You can wear these for any occasion from work to a formal event.

Envious Gems Padparadscha Swarovski Elements Crystal Round 7mm Stud Earrings

Turquoise Horn CZ Gold Vermeil Necklace

Layering necklaces is another must have trend this year. For this it is a great idea to have a necklace with a stand out pendant. Our horn necklace is perfect to wear as it is or for layering. It features a stylish turquoise horn that will add a pop of color to any multi necklace look.

Envious Gems Turquoise Horn CZ Gold Vermeil Necklace

Butterfly Citrine Swarovski Elements Crystal Pendant Necklace

Bright zesty colors are set to be a big hit over the next couple of seasons. Making our next pick our Swarovski butterfly necklace. It features two stunning Citrine crystals inside the wings and clear crystals on the outer wings. This is a cute necklace that will suit all ages and styles.

Envious Gems Butterfly Citrine Swarovski Elements Crystal Pendant Necklace

All the jewelry featured is available on the website. Follow the Envious Gems blog for fashion, jewelry, trends and more.



Spring 2017 Pantone Colors | Envious Gems

February is nearly over meaning we are almost in the month of March. During this blossoming month, we will say goodbye to winter and hello to spring! With the new season, will come fresh colors and trends. With that said we thought it would be a good time to look at the spring Pantone shades. Pantone report what tones are being used in designer collections for the season. So, have a look at the essential new colors to get you ahead of the fashion pack this Spring.

Primrose Yellow

This is a sunny shade that pantone have described as “joyful yellow”. It is a beautiful shade that will give your wardrobe a zesty update for the spring. Will look gorgeous in summer to!

Envious Gems Pantone Spring 2017 Primrose Yellow

Pale Dogwood

Pale Dogwood is a soft color. Pantone have said it is a “peaceful pink”. If you don’t like the bold tones, then this is perfect for you. Even if you do, it is great to break up the vibrant pieces.

Envious Gems Pantone Spring 2017 Pale Dogwood


Another subtle tone in the report is Hazelnut. It is a chic color that has been described by Pantone as a “key neutral for spring.” This is a stylish shade that you can wear now, in spring through to summer and even autumn.

Envious Gems Pantone Spring 2017 Hazelnut

Island Paradise

Island Paradise is a beautiful color that is said to symbolize “tropical settings and our desire to unwind” as the name suggests! It is the perfect way to brighten up your look. We love it because it reminds us of the sunny skies that are set to come.

Envious Gems Pantone Spring 2017 Island Paradise


The next pick is the color of the year! Pantone have said Greenery “speaks to our need to explore, experiment and reinvent”. It is a fresh shade perfect for adding some vibrancy and zest to your wardrobe. You can check out our blog post on the color of year here.

Envious Gems Pantone Spring 2017 Greenery


Flame is a warm color that Pantone have said will “add firery heat to the spring 17 palette.” We love this color because it is a bright tone that will thaw out our winter wardrobe.

Envious Gems Pantone Spring 2017 Flame

Pink Yarrow

There couldn’t be a spring list without pink! It has been described by Pantone as a “stimulating color that lifts spirits.” This is the beautiful tone that will make you look pretty in pink throughout the sunny seasons.

Envious Gems Pantone Spring 2017 Pink Yarrow


Niagara is a cool color for spring. Pantone says it “speaks to our desire for ease and relaxation.” This is a stylish hue that will fit the relaxed spring/summer vibe perfectly.

Envious Gems Pantone Spring 2017 Niagara


Kale is a popular vegetable and now it’s a popular color to! Pantone have described Kale as a shade that will “conjure our desire to connect to nature.” It seems the spring colors are reflecting the change in nature for the new season. Vibrant green grass and blooms of flowers are coming.

Envious Gems Pantone Spring 2017 Kale

Lapis Blue

For spring, colors become brighter and softer. Lapis Blue is the intense color of the collection. Pantone have described it as “strong and confident”. This will be the perfect pop of color when you need a boost.

Envious Gems Pantone Spring 2017 Lapis Blue

We don’t know about you but we love this vibrant collection of colors. You can read the report from Pantone here. All the jewelry and sunglasses featured is available on the Envious Gems website.

Hobby Inspired Jewelry | Envious Gems

We all have hobbies we enjoy. Whether it’s about socialising, unwinding or just to be part of something you’re passionate about. Ultimately, it’s about having a good time. At Envious Gems, we have created stylish jewelry inspired by favourite hobbies. Take a look to see if yours is there. If not it could give you some inspiration on what to try next ;).


Keen baker or know someone who is? Then our cooking bracelet is for you. It features sweet charms that include: a cook book, spoon, mixer, made with love and Envious Gems. It is the perfect treat for any jewelry box.

Envious Gems Cook Book Silver Tone Expandable Wire Bracelet


Our next pick is perfect for the gym buff who likes lifting weights. This charm bracelet has a variety of charms. A weight charm, barbell, made in the USA and an Envious Gems charm. It will be a trendy finishing touch to your outfits for working out and beyond.

Envious Gems Barbell Weightlifter Silver Tone Expandable Wire Bracelet

Going to the Beach

Love ocean activities, the beach and sunbathing? We have the necklace for you! This gorgeous necklace comes with a beach girl pendant, starfish charm and small crystal. You can wear this with any outfit for any occasion.

Beach Girl Starfish Silver Plated Pendant Necklace

Horse Riding

We have a new range of horse riding and cowgirl bracelets available in our Amazon shop. Today we have chosen our riding bracelet. The bracelet features beautiful charms including: I’d rather be riding, 3D horse charm, horse head, made in the USA and an Envious Gems charm. This is a must have bracelet for a stylish cowgirl! You can view our other bracelets here.

Envious Gems Horse Riding Bracelet



Here’s another bracelet for the ocean lovers. A windsurfer bracelet. It is a delicate wire bracelet and comes with a variety of charms. A palm tree, windsurfer, dolphin, made in the USA and Envious Gems. This is a lovely piece for anyone who enjoys this water sport.

Envious Gems summer windsurfer Palm Tree Silver Tone Expandable Wire Bracelet


Yoga is a popular activity for people across the globe. It is a great way to relax. For many yoga is more than just a practice but a better way of living. So why not take this stress-free attitude into your fashion. We have a beautiful yoga inspired bracelet available. It has many charms such as Namaste, yoga pose, lotus flower, OM and Envious Gems. This is a must have for any stylish yogi.

Yoga Namaste Lotus Flower Silver Tone Expandable Wire Bracelet


Bingo has become very popular. It’s a time to socialize and have fun with your friends. If you or someone you know loves bingo, then this bracelet is a must have. It comes with lucky charms including: a four-leaf clover, bingo, luck, wishbone, horseshoe and Envious Gems. Look chic at your next bingo game you might even get a little luck.

Envious Gems Bingo Four Leaf Clover Silver Tone Expandable Wire Bracelet


Going on a bike ride is fun for the whole family. For some people cycling is a passion and a sport. We have a stunning collection of Swarovski bicycle necklaces available and today we are showing you our Aquamarine pendant. It features two blue crystal wheels and smaller clear crystals on the handlebars and seat. This is great for anyone who likes to cycle in style.

Envious Gems Cute Girl's Bicycle Aquamarine Swarovski Elements Crystal Pendant Necklace

Found jewelry for your hobby? Then order on the Envious Gems website or Amazon page. Each bracelet is expandable. Would be great as gifts! Follow our blog for fashion, jewelry and more.

Get the Look: New York Fashion Week | Envious Gems

Over the past week designers, models and celebrities have all been seen attending runway shows, after parties and more at New York Fashion Week.  Now we are at the end of the shows of NYFW it’s the perfect time to see some of the best looks from the trendsetting week gone by. We will be giving you a style break down of the some of the hottest looks worn by Instagram star and fashion icon Kendall Jenner as well as in demand model Bella Hadid. These two ruled fashion week so take a look at the Envious Gems guide on how to get a stylish supermodel look.

Bella Hadid – Twin Bun

Bella Hadid was spotted after the Anna Sui show with her partners in crime Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. This edgy outfit has had every fashionista talking. We love this look because it’s a stylish combo of 90’s grunge and rebellion.

Bella Hadid NYFW 2017

Bella’s look is quite easy to achieve. The first thing that catches your eye is the striped sweater. Next is a denim mini skirt. We’ve seen some great ones for as little as $19! Next add some knee high boots just like Bella. Finish off with two buns in your hair and a choker like our sunshine choker. Your look is complete.

Bella Hadid NYFW 2017 Envious Gems

Kendall Jenner – Tupac Top

Kendall Jenner attended the V magazine party. Her quirky look has been a huge hit and we think it is a fun outfit that everyone can wear. The casual Tupac t-shirt paired with a mini skirt and heels probably shouldn’t work but it does!

Kendall Jenner  NYFW 2017

This is an outfit you can really have fun with. Start off with a Tupac top as there are plenty of choices online.  Then just add a black skirt. Kenny wore a tassel black skirt so go for that style. Finish off with ankle boots and bling earrings. Our large teardrop crystal earrings would be perfect!

Kendall Jenner NYFW 2017 Envious Gems

Bella Hadid – Chic Fur

Bella was spotted in a seriously stylish look. She wore a bold star pattern faux fur jacket with black pants, ankle boots and aviator sunglasses. We love this outfit.

Bella Hadid 2 NYFW 2017

To recreate this outfit you could go for a similar jacket with both the color and stars. To make it easier you could choose just one feature. Wear with nice black pants and boots. Finish off with aviator sunglasses like our silver Goliath sunnies.

Bella Hadid 2 NYFW 2017 Fur Envious Gems

Kendall Jenner – Statement Fur

To celebrate her success and the end of fashion week. Kendall was spotted at a restaurant with her friends wearing sneakers and faux fur coat. The outfit she wore is a trendy take on comfortable meets glam. This is great for when you want to look stylish but relaxed.

Kendall Jenner 2 NYFW 2017


The most important part of this outfit is the coat! For this look red is a must so get shopping to find the perfect red coat. Kendall wore her coat with comfy pants and sneakers. Finish off you’re a-List style with a big pair of shades. Our bronze Goliath aviators would look great.

Kendall Jenner 2 NYFW 2017 Fur Envious Gems

We hope you have found the perfect supermodel look. All the jewelry and sunglasses featured are available on the Envious Gems website and all the clothing featured can be found online. So get shopping!

Caring For Your Fashion Jewelry | Envious Gems

Fashion jewelry is an easy way to refresh your look with the latest trends. You can add the seasons colors, prints and more to your outfit without spending a lot of money. The downside is that the jewelry won’t last forever. You might have found the perfect piece but over time tarnishing appears or it might not look as bright as it used to. We can’t stop this from happening but we can make our jewelry last longer. Take a look at the Envious Gems guide to caring for your fashion jewelry.

Tip 1: Keep your jewelry dry!

This is one of the easiest but most important things you can do. Keeping your jewelry dry will slow down tarnishing and will stop any green tinges that can stain the skin. So take off your jewelry when washing hands, putting on perfume and when applying creams and lotions. When everything has dried you can put your jewelry back on. This is a small step but will make a lot of difference.

Envious Gems Jewelry Care Dry

Tip 2: Put jewelry on last

There is a phrase that you may have heard that goes “last on, first off”. This means that while youre getting ready put everything on clothes, make up, perfume and hairspray. Then put your jewelry on last. This will ensure that your jewelry won’t get exposed to chemicals and will stay dry. After your day is done take your jewelry off first. This will stop your jewelry getting caught on clothing, keeping both your jewelry and clothes in the best condition.

Envious Gems Jewelry Care Dry first on last off

Tip 3: Remove for tasks and activities

It is important to remove your jewelry for household tasks and exercise. Washing dishes, doing laundry, showering and gardening are some of the main things we do that will damage jewelry. These cause tarnishing, dullness or even breakage. The same goes for exercise with the added problem of sweat. Sweat will ruin your jewelry and may cause the jewelry to stain your skin.

Envious Gems Jewelry Care Activites

Tip 4: Give it a coat

Watches, bracelets and rings are the biggest culprits for staining the skin. You take off your rings to wash your hands or you take off your accessories at the end of a warm day and a green tinge may be left behind. A great tip in stopping this is to put a little coat of clear nail polish on the back of your jewelry. It stops the sweat and oils from skin going onto your jewelry. Not only that but it’s a cheap and easy solution.

Envious Gems Jewelry Nail PolishTip 5: Clean and store your jewelry properly!

When you’ve taken off your jewelry at the end of your day it is important to store it properly. You can put your jewelry in a pouch, choose something soft like velvet. Another easy way to store jewelry is in a zip lock bag. This will keep dust at bay. If you have a larger collection choose a jewelry box that has plenty of space. This allows organization and easy storage. Each solution stops exposure to air which vital in keeping jewelry looking it’s best.

Envious Gems Jewelry Storage.jpg

We hope you have learnt new tips. Have your own tricks? Feel free to share! The jewelry featured is available on the Envious Gems website. Make sure you take a look at our full range. There is something for everyone!

Classic Jewelry You Need in Your Jewelry Box | Envious Gems

You have probably heard more than once that the key to an organized and stylish wardrobe is staple items. This clothing is usually minimal, great quality and can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion. This applies to your jewelry box to. Just like with our wardrobes our jewelry boxes can get cluttered full of pieces we no longer wear or have gone out of fashion. To avoid this clean out your jewelry box and keep pieces that are classic and simple. This way you’ll have jewelry that will get worn, won’t be forgotten and will go with everything. To help you out we have put together the Envious Gems list of must have essentials for your jewelry collection.

Sterling Silver CZ Stud Earrings

First up is our sterling silver earrings. These beautiful earrings feature 7mm Cubic Zirconia stones. The stones size makes these simple enough to wear everyday but will catch people’s eye with a subtle sparkle. Studs are classic earrings that will never go out of style. You can wear these for everything from a day at the office to a wedding.

Envious Gems Sterling Silver 7mm Brilliant Cut CZ Stud Earrings

Sterling Silver 24″ Diamonds by The Yard Necklace

Next up is our Diamonds by the Yard necklace. This necklace is elegant, stylish and timeless. It features 15 round clear crystals and is .925 sterling silver. It is guaranteed not turn with normal wear so can be worn again and again. It is a stunning piece that will keep you looking gorgeous for every event that comes up.


Envious Gems Sterling Silver 24 Diamonds by The Yard Necklace


Gold Double CZ Spiral Bangle

Do you like wearing sparkly jewelry? Then our flexible bangle is a must have. It features a double spiral covered in CZ crystals. Even though it is elegant it can be dressed down with a casual outfit for a day out. It will also be stunning for an evening out or special occasion. Wherever you are going this bracelet will finish off your outfit perfectly.

Envious Gems Gold Double CZ Flexible Spiral Bangle

Iggy Gold Spike Earrings

If sparkles aren’t your thing and you prefer something a little edgier then our last pick is for you. Our gold plated Iggy earrings have a curved spike design that is simple to go with everything but will still be a funky finishing touch to your outfit. These will suit all occasions and outfits. Are also available in silver.

Envious Gems Iggy Curved Spike Punk Gold Plated Earrings

Classic Wrap Leather Bracelet

It is good to have a bracelet that looks stylish but won’t go out of fashion anytime soon. That is why our next pick is our classic silver bead wrap bracelet. The silver and black cord are a chic combination. It is a bracelet casual enough for everyday but will look trendy on a night out. Wrap bracelets have stood the test of time and will remain a style staple season after season.

Envious Gems Classic Silver bead Wrap Leather Bracelet

Found something you love? Go over to the Envious Gems website to order. Take a look at our full range of jewelry  and accessories before you check out. There is something for everyone! Follow our blog for fashion, jewelry, trends and more.

Valentine’s Day Hair & Makeup Tips | Envious Gems

Only four days to go until Valentine’s Day! This week we have covered must have gifts and the best outfits to wear on the special day. Today we are looking at hair and makeup. How you style these can be just as important as the clothes you wear because it’s the finishing touch. Check out our guide on the best hair and makeup for Valentine’s Day.

Embellished Headband

Embellished headbands are beautiful and feminine, perfect for Valentine’s Day. You could wear with loose curls or straight hair or as it is a special occasion you could try a wispy romantic updo.

Envious Gems Headband Necklace Valentine's Day 2017

To get this look you could use a headband or a necklace. A necklace is unique and gives you more options. If you’re using a necklace choose something sparkly and with a chain. Experiment by draping on your hair and then secure with bobby pins. Here are some necklaces that would be great to use as a headband.

Envious Gems Headband Necklaces Chokers Valentine's Day 2017


Pink is a color of love. Making it a fabulous choice for Valentine’s day. It is a sweet and flirty color. Wear a pink lipstick, pink blush or a sweep of pink eyeshadow. With the eyeshadow, you could even add a little glitter. This look is perfect if you don’t like a lot of makeup.

Envious Gems Pink Makeup Valentine's Day 2017


Nothing says elegance and romance like an updo. There are so many styles to try but as its Valentine’s Day we would recommend a bun. You could go for sophisticated and sleek, high on your head or low and wispy. A loose bun would be a beautiful choice as its graceful and feminine.

Envious Gems Hair Up Do Bun Valentine's Day 2017

An updo is the perfect way to show off your jewelry. To keep a soft look try wearing sparkling studs. Clear crystals will go with everything. If you want a pop of color choose crystals with bright shades. Rose would be a great choice as it is the color of love.

Envious Gems Stud Earrings Valentine's Day 2017

Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes are sophisticated and smouldering. This style suits any eye color and skin tone and it is easier to create than it looks. You can purchase smokey eye palettes with instructions and there are plenty of online tutorials. Give it a go to wow your sweetheart.

Envious Gems Makeup Smokey Eye Valentine's Day 2017

One Side Hair

Wearing your hair on the side will give you an alluring glamorous look. Style your hair as you normally would whether that be straight, wavy or curly. Then just secure with bobby pins. It’s that simple!

Envious Gems Side Hair Valentine's Day 2017

Statement earrings are a huge trend this year. So try finishing this hair style with an eye-catching pair of earrings. Something sparkly is a must.

Envious Gems Statement Earrings Valentine's Day 2017

Red Lips

Red lips are a classic make up style that will give you a vintage vibe. There are many shades to choose from. Red is a passionate color and will make a statement. If vibrant shades aren’t for you then go a little darker. Apply with a lip brush if you only want a sweep of color.

Envious Gems Red Lipstick Makeup Valentine's Day 2017

We hope you have found the perfect Valentine’s hair and makeup. All the jewelry featured is available on the website. All that is left to say is Happy Valentine’s Day from Envious Gems!