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Decades past come in and out of fashion every year. Last year there was a heavy 70s influence and this year we are reviving the 80s. It isn’t a surprise that the designers and fashion lovers have taken inspiration from this time, as eighties nostalgia has been popping up everywhere especially in retro shows like Stranger Things. This is the decade known for some fashion fails but there were some stylish elements that have now been refreshed ready for spring 17. We love this bold trend and think you will to. Take a look at the Envious Gems guide to hitting the 80’s trend ready for Spring.

Shoulder Pads

The eighties was the decade of power dressing. Women everywhere were using suits, dresses and shoulder pads to show who was boss. Today designers like Chanel have created jackets with big shoulders but paired with modern prints and colours.

Envious Gems 80s Shoulder Pads Fashion Trend Spring 2017

Take a look at some jackets to get inspired. Jackets are the easiest way to wear the trend and you can wear these anywhere from work to a special occasion.

Envious Gems 80s Jacket Fashion Trend Spring 2017


Lace was huge in the 80s. Some of super star Madonna’s most iconic looks were full of 80s lace from fingerless gloves to tops to dresses. Designers have been creating black lace dresses so choosing a dress would be a great choice. You’ll get the designer look without the price tag. If dresses aren’t your thing then go for the top. Try and choose a top with a statement sleeve.


Have a look at some lace picks to get some ideas.


Statement Sleeves

Puffy sleeves are one of the most iconic styles of the 80’s, especially on dresses. Whether it was prom, a party or a special occasion someone would have a statement sleeve. Now you might be thinking this is a look that should stay in the past. That is why designers have refreshed the look and chosen big sleeves with eighties ruffles and a little puffiness. It’s fun and a great way to create a bold outfit. Choose simple pants or a simple skirt to finish off your look if wearing a top.


Take a look at some statement sleeves to get some inspiration.

Envious Gems 80s Sleeves Fashion Trend Spring 2017


Ruffles was another must have in the 80s. It was a common feature on blouses and dresses. Now ruffles have made a huge comeback and were a big hit on the runway shows. To wear ruffles in style for 2017 choose pieces that have floral prints or sheer panels. Ruffles look super trendy with these so it gives a nod to the 80s but has been reworked to look gorgeous now.


Check out some must have styles in ruffles.

Envious Gems 80s Floral Ruffles Fashion Trend Spring 2017


There were so many fun jewelry trends to jazz up your outfit in the eighties. Some of the most popular included beads, stacked bracelets, layered necklaces and bling.


We have some fabulous pieces of jewelry available on the Envious Gems website. Take a look at our top picks perfect for finishing off your modern 80s look.

Envious Gems 80s Jewelry Bracelet Necklace Earrings Fashion Trend Spring 2017

We hope you have been inspired to try the 80s trend. You can follow our blog and our Pinterest page for fashion, trends, jewelry and more.



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