Earring Styles 2017 | Envious Gems

2017 has brought with it some quirky earring trends. We have the usual styles like statement earrings and sparkly pieces but it seems this year designers wanted to mix things up. We have seen two very popular looks on runways and those are single and asymmetric earrings. These trends have been in the spotlight before and this year it’s time to bring these back. Take a look at the Envious Gems guide on the must have earring styles for 2017.


Usually you will wear a pair of earrings with the exact same earring in each ear. This trend involves choosing two different earrings to wear at the same time. Designers including Alexander Wang have created this look for their runway shows. We love this style because not only is it a trend in itself but you can also use this to create a double trend look.

Envious Gems Asymmetrical Earring Jewelry Trend 2017

There are many ways you can create this style. You can choose two completely different earrings or you can choose earrings with a subtle difference. If you like a bold look go for a variety of shapes and colors. If you want a subtle look, try choosing a different length or shape in the same shade. This year statement drop earrings, colored crystals and jewelry with a rebellious vibe are big trends. This mix and match style is a great way to incorporate these styles with one look. We have a stylish range of earring available at Envious Gems. Take a look at some of our best mixed picks perfect to wear together for this trend.

Envious Gems Asymmetrical Earrings Jewelry Trend 2017


Wearing a single earring just in one ear has been in and out of the trend spotlight. It was made a popular style by celebs such as Emma Watson. This year the style is back and has been featured in designer collections including Stella McCartney. The trend is worn exactly how it sounds just choose one earring and wear it in style. This might be a bit out there for many but just like with any other trend it can be worked to suit everyone.


Designers have chosen big and bold earrings for this look and if that is what you like then go for it! However, if you want to just try this look and see how it works then choose something minimal in a metallic shade. Not only is this trend stylish but you can also make use out of odd earrings. Many have been in the scenario where you have your favourite earrings and you either can’t find the other one or you notice in the mirror an earring is missing half way through the day. This is no longer a problem! You can just rock it anyway. Take a look at some earrings from Envious Gems perfect to wear as a single earring. You can also wear both when you want to go back to two symmetrical earrings.

Envious Gems Single Earrings Jewelry Trend 2017

We hope you have been inspired to try something new this year. All the earrings featured are available in pairs on the website. Follow our blog and Pinterest for more fashion, jewelry trends and more.


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