Pantone Color of the Year | Envious Gems

Pantone release color reports every year. These seasonal shades influence fashion, jewelry and more. As well these reports Pantone also choose a color of year. This year the chosen color is called greenery. It is a vibrant, zesty shade supposed to evoke feelings of renewal and revival. This fresh color is the perfect way to begin the year a new and leave 2016 behind. We love this tone at Envious Gems and have put together a short guide on how to inject some greenery into your 2017 wardrobe.



Tops are an easy way to add a new trend or color to your existing wardrobe. You can just have one green top and wear it for any occasion from causal days to work to a night out. When choosing a top, anything goes just choose something in the greenery shade that you love. To hit a double trend try choosing a pussy-bow blouse. Bows and these blouses are a huge hit next season. It’s a stylish way to be ahead of the fashion pack. Check out some tops to get inspired.

Envious Gems Pantone 2017 Greenery tops fashion jewelry


A green dress is the perfect way to zest up your wardrobe. You could wear a dress now with boots and a jacket and when the spring and summer come around ditch the boots for some flats or sandals. Green cocktail dresses would also be a great statement look for a night out or special event. Overall a dress is a must have because you can wear it for multiple occasions. Take a look at some dresses for inspiration.

Envious Gems Pantone 2017 Greenery dresses fashion jewelry


Jewelry is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to introduce new colors and trends to your outfit. With a new necklace or bracelet you don’t have to splash out to give your look a lift. Statement pieces and colored crystals are set to be big trends this year. So, you can combine these styles with the green tones to create a bang on trend look all year round. We have some beautiful green jewelry available at Envious Gems. Check out our top green picks.



Green eyeshadow and eyeliners are a bold way to brighten up your makeup for the new year. Anyone can wear green shades no matter what your eye color or skin tone. A little metallic sparkle would also be a stylish choice. Not only that but you could even try a green nail polish. It’s easy and trendy.

Envious Gems Pantone 2017 Greenery beauty fashion jewelry


Accessories are your best friend. You can freshen up a drab outfit and have the perfect finishing touch your look was missing. Green bags, belts and scarves are perfect ways to wear this color trend. You can’t go wrong. A green accessory will break up a dark outfit and can be worn with other bright colors for a bold look. Take a look at some pieces.

Envious Gems Pantone 2017 Greenery accessories  fashion jewelry

We hope you have been inspired to refresh your look. All the jewelry featured is available on the Envious Gems website. Follow our blog and Pinterest for more fashion, jewelry and trends.




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