Infinity Scarves | Envious Gem

Wrap up warm this winter with a cozy scarf. Scarves are not only a practical must have but are an easy way to update your outfit for the season. You can add the latest color or print with just one item. At Envious Gems, we have a stylish collection of infinity scarves available that will refresh any outfit ready for winter. Each scarf features funky colors and designs. There is something for everyone.

Stripe Knit Scarf

Our stripe knit collection features 4 scarves. Each of these scarves features a knitted stripe design with a fringe detail. Stripes have been a big trend this year and are set to be in 2017 to. The fringing adds a boho vibe which is also a must have style this season. The scarves measure 13″ x 27.5″ and come in black/white, blue/green, rust/tan and yellow/blue.  These are stylish winter scarves perfect with any outfit.


Style Tip: As the scarves are bold try and choose a simple jacket or coat in a neutral color. If you do want to create more of a statement look, try color matching your jacket to one shade out of the scarf.

Envious Gems Stripe Infinity Scarves Winter Fashion 2016

Fluffy Chevron Scarf

Our next set of scarves feature a stylish chevron pattern. We have four of these available in blue, grey, red and black. These will look cute and keep you cozy all through the winter. Each one measures 10” x 25” and has an infinity style. The infinity design is great for ladies on the go because it neatly wraps with no loose ends.

Envious Gems Chevron Infinity Scarf Winter 2016

Style Tip: These scarves will look great with any coat, sweater or jacket. The simple but stylish design is versatile and will go with almost any other colors. These would look particularly nice with a grey jacket or coat.

Envious Gems Chevron Infinity Scarf Winter Fashion 2016

Bold Star Scarf

The last collection we have available is the bold stars. These funky designs will add a bold splash of color to your winter outfits. We have three colors to choose from that include: fuchsia, orange and teal. Each one is an infinity style and measures 14” x 28”. You can wear these scarves with any jacket, coat or sweater. Will look great on fashionistas of all ages.

Envious Gems Star Infinity Scarf Winter 2016

Style Tip: These are scarves that make a statement so will look great with tops that are neutral in color like a black jacket or white sweater. If you want to create a vibrant look, try color matching your scarves to your sweater or jacket. So, if you choose fuchsia then choose a matching shade for the top. This will work with all colors.

Envious Gems Star Infinity Scarf Winter Fashion 2016

Found the perfect scarf? Order online at the Envious Gems website. Take a look at our other jewelry and accessories before you check out. You can also have a read of our “How to Wear Infinity Scarves” blog post which features a variety of ways to loop, tie and wear an infinity scarf. You can create many looks with just one piece. To see more of our fashion, jewelry and accessories follow our blog and our Pinterest page.



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