70’s Trend | Envious Gems

Fashion, jewelry and accessories has been taking inspiration from the 70’s throughout 2016. This trend has had a refresh for the winter and will see us into next year. So we have created a guide to must haves for the seventies. There is something to suit everyone for any occasion as well as some party pieces for the holiday season.


Turtlenecks will instantly add a 70’s vibe to any outfit. You can wear a turtleneck with anything for any occasion making it a winter wardrobe essential. Wear as it is with jeans or skirt or layer it up with a dress for a stylish seventies look. You could also glam it up with a necklace. Mustard is a great color choice that will brighten up your outfit. You could even try a sparkly sweater for the party season.

Envious Gems 70s Turtle Neck Sweater Fashion Jewelry Winter 2016

Bohemian Jewelry

Bohemian jewelry is an easy way to give your outfit a look of the seventies. Not only that but boho is a trend in its self so this is a must have style. You have so many options with this look including: chokers, layered pieces, turquoise stones and anything unique. We have selected some of the Envious Gems top boho picks perfect for this trend.

Envious Gems 70s Fashion Boho Jewelry Winter 2016

Faux Fur

Faux fur will keep you warm, cozy and looking stylish during the cold weather. There are so many styles and colors available. To get the seventies look try choosing a coat that has shaggy fur it mixes up the classic fur and is bang on trend. If you don’t want to go full fur, try a coat with a fur trim. Both these looks are perfect for this trend.

Envious Gems 70s Fashion Faux Fur Winter 2016

Winter Florals

Floral prints were a huge hit in the 70’s. You might be thinking that florals are more for summer but designers have transformed these patterns with dark colors to create winter prints. Dresses and tops are the easiest ways to wear but you could be bold and go for a floral trouser. For a seventies look try a floral bow blouse or a maxi dress. Maxi dresses can be the perfect party piece when worn with heels and sparkly jewelry. So, these aren’t just for Summer!

Envious Gems 70s Jewelery Fashion Floral Winter 2016Suede

Suede boots and bags are an easy and trendy way to add some 70’s to your winter wardrobe. If you want to mix it up a bit and go for a bold look, try a suede jacket or skirt. High waisted skirts are a must have for this trend. Pair with boots and you’re good to go!

Envious Gems 70s Jewelery Fashion Suede Winter 2016

Disco Dancing Queen

As it is the party season we couldn’t let the seventies pass by without mentioning disco! Disco fashion is glam and party ready. Now we aren’t saying wear a flared Abba jumpsuit (unless you want to) but take some inspiration. Jumpsuits are a brilliant alternative to a dress and can be worn for any occasion from clubs to going out for dinner. You could even try metallic shades. If dresses are more your thing choose something short and sparkly.

Envious Gems 70s Jewelery Fashion Disco Winter 2016

We hope you have found some seventies inspiration. All the jewelry featured is available to order on the Envious Gems website. Follow our blog and Pinterest for more fashion and jewelry.


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