Must Haves for December | Envious Gems

We are now in the beginning of a new month. What better way to start than with new accessories? Take a look at the Envious Gems must haves for December.

December has three birthstones Turquoise, Tanzanite and Zircon. All three of these stones come in a variety of icy blue shades which really suit the winter weather. At Envious Gems, we have created a December charm bracelet that features a blue color stone. The stone uses the wintery blues of the three birthstones and puts them into one. It is a stylish bracelet and will make the perfect gift for anyone with a birthday in December.

Envious Gems December Charm Bracelet Winter 2016

Every month is symbolised by a flower that is sometimes known as a Birth Flower. December has two birth flowers, Narcissus and Holly. Narcissus plants are more commonly known as Daffodils. You might be thinking of springtime yellow flowers but this plant also blooms in white and these are the December flowers. We have been inspired by the snowy petals in the form of our white clover earrings. These have a floral design with a wintery color, perfect for this time of year.

Envious Gems December White Clover Earrings Flower Winter 2016

The second birth flower is Holly and it fits December perfectly. December is the holiday month and Holly is a popular plant of Christmas. These plants are vibrant green with red berries. The flash of red has inspired us and you can add this iconic Christmas color to your outfit with our Padparadscha Swarovski Elements earrings. Just like Holly is a perfect finishing touch to your home these earrings are a stunning way to complete your festive outfit.

Envious Gems December Red Swarovski Earrings Flower Winter 2016

From November 22nd – December 21st  the Zodiac sign is Sagittarius. People with the Sagittarius sign are said to be drawn to Orange. Making our next pick our S Lock Bracelet. This is a stylish bracelet that will look great for any outfit. The s could be your initial, loved ones initial or even for Sagittarius.

Envious Gems December Orange Bracelet Winter 2016

From December 22nd – January 19th the Zodiac sign is Capricorn. It is said that blue will bring people with the Capricorn sign a little luck. So, our next pick is our turquoise silver-tone choker. Chokers are a must have necklace for the season and will look stylish with any outfit.

Envious Gems December Turquoise Choker Winter 2016

The cold weather is here so it’s time to keep warm with some cozy accessories. Our knit infinity scarf features a black and white stripe design. This monochrome look is very stylish this season and will go with everything. The infinity style means there are no annoying loose scarf ends. It is the perfect winter scarf. Would be a great gift for a friend or loved one this Christmas.

Envious Gems December Scarf Winter 2016

Our last pick is another accessory to keep the cold at bay. Our black gloves are a long length that keeps your hands and arms warm. These are open at the end so you still have use of your fingers. Great for busy people on the go especially if you use the phone a lot! The gloves also have a glittery touch perfect for the holidays.

Envious Gems December Gloves Winter 2016

We hope you have found your perfect must have for December, go over to the website to order. Follow our blog and Pinterest for more fashion, trends and jewelry.


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