Spiritual Amulets | Envious Gems

Throughout history jewelry has been used for more than just decoration. Jewelry with different charms and pendants has been used for all sorts of things including protection against evil, danger and disease. Some symbols are also believed to bring the wearer good fortune. Today jewelry is generally seen and worn as a stylish accessory, however designers have been taking inspiration from these amulets to create trendy pieces for the Fall and Winter. Take a look at the Envious Gems top picks of spiritual jewelry that are must haves for the season.

Evil Eye

The evil eye dates back thousands of years. When the symbol is worn, it is believed to protect the wearer against negativity and evil forces. Today it is a very stylish and popular design that has been seen on many celebs like Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian and Madonna. Whether you believe it can ward off bad energy or not it is a trendy design that you can wear for any occasion.

Envious Gems Evil Eye

At Envious Gems, we have a chic choker with an evil eye charm. This is a great necklace that pairs the spiritual trend and choker trend. Making it a must have for your jewelry box.

Envious Gems Evil Eye Choker Fall 2016

Hamsa Hand

The hamsa hand symbolizes the hand of God. These amulets are said to bring good fortune, luck and happiness. It is a positive symbol that is popular in jewelry and home décor. Not only are Hamsa hands considered to be lucky but these have been a stylish must have season after season. If you need a bit of luck in your life or just want a stylish piece of jewelry with a story, then the Hamsa hand is for you.

Envious Gems Hamsa Hand

We have two gorgeous Hamsa necklaces perfect for the spiritual trend. First is the gold vermeil necklace with a blue opal hamsa pendant and the second is the black choker with hamsa charm. Both are gorgeous necklaces that would suit any outfit. Would also make a lovely gift.

Envious Gems Hamsa Hand Fall Jewelry 2016

Tree of Life

The tree of life is another popular spiritual symbol. It is a beautiful design that is very popular in jewelry and is believed to give inspiration, positivity and knowledge to the wearer. This design also symbolizes nature and the cycle of life.

Envious Gems Tree of Life

We have a stylish small collection of tree of life jewelry. The first piece of the range is a gorgeous pair of lightweight silver earrings, these earrings feature a tree of life design and come with a gift bag.

Envious Gems Tree of Life Earrings Fall 2016

Next up we have a trendy charm bracelet that is available in gold or silver. The gold features a tree of life charm, dove, American flag and Envious Gems charm.The silver features the same tree of life, hope, American flag and Envious Gems charm. Both these bracelets are expandable. These would be a lovely treat for yourself or as a gift for a loved one.

Envious Gems Tree of Life Charm Bracelet Fall 2016

Feeling spiritually inspired? All the jewelry featured is available to order on the website. Follow our blog and Pinterest for more jewelry, trends and style tips.


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