Astronomical Fashion | Envious Gems

Trends come and go every season, but fashion and jewelry inspired by space is sticking around. It includes everything from the planets to the sun, moon, stars and more. At Envious Gems, we love this trend and have put together a short style guide on how to look out of this world this season. There is something for everyone.

90’s Grunge in Space

The 90’s fashion trend has been around for a while and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. It’s all about taking the best parts of the decade to create a modernized look. Sun and moon prints were very popular and have made a comeback for the fall. Short dresses, miniskirts and oversized tops are great choices because you’ll hit both the 90’s and space trend. Pair with boots and jewelry and you’re good to go. Our Sunshine velvet choker or Iggy earrings would be stylish finishing touches to your look. Take a look at some outfits to get inspired.

Envious Gems 90's Space Grunge Jewelry Choker EarringsBohemian Spacewoman

Boho fashion looks stylish on every occasion and in every season. Astronomy and boho might not be an obvious choice but it works so well. Bohemian fashion looks at earthy colors and is inspired by nature including the moon, sun and stars. So these trends fit together nicely. Choose unique pieces with flowing fabrics, printed dresses and blouses are must haves.  Jewelry is a huge part of the boho trend and layering it up will give you a trendy look. Our Gold Iggy Earrings or half-moon choker will finish off your outfit perfectly. You could also add a fun scarf to your look with our star print scarf. We have put together some outfits to give you some ideas.

Envious Gems Bohemian Space jewelry Stars choker moonAstronomically Minimal

Minimal is timeless and an easy way to look chic for any occasion. It’s a no fuss style that is great for ladies on the go. Combining this trend and minimal style is easy all you should do is add a few astronomical touches. Add flashes of metallic colours, choose toned down space prints and add simple accessories. You could add twinkling jewelry like our stud earrings and our CZ necklace. Bags are also a great way to add a unique touch of space. Take a look at some out of this world outfits.

Envious Gems space crystals jewelry moon starsGlam in the Galaxy

There are so many ways you can glam up the space trend for a special occasion. Choose an outfit with metallic tones. Dresses and jumpsuits would be a great choice. Also, try color matching the shoes to create a co-ordinated look. Finish off your look with jewelry that shines like the stars. Our moon choker, beaded choker or CZ necklace would be perfect. Check out some looks we put together.

Envious Gems Glam Sparkle Fashion Jewelry Choker Moon

We hope you are over the moon with our fashion tips. The jewelry and star scarf featured is available on our newly updated website, where you can check out our full range of jewelry and accessories. Follow our blog and  Pinterest for more trends, style tips and jewelry.




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