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90s fashion has made a comeback this year. It’s a huge trend for the Summer and celebrities like Rihanna have been seen reworking the look. This trend is all about taking the iconic 90s pieces and mixing it up with modern pieces to create a fun and unique style. Take a look at the Envious Gems guide on how to create a 90s look.

Envious Gems 90s celebrity fashion


Floral print dresses were huge in the 90s and came in a variety of styles. Some of the popular ones being skater and maxi dresses. Slip dresses were also must haves. These were worn by celebrites like Kate Moss and Gwyneth Paltrow. Floral dresses are great to have in the closet as these can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion. Wear with sandals on a hot day and on a cooler day try with combat boots for a throwback 90s look. Slip dresses are great for nights out these sleek dresses come in a variety of colors and look great with high heels. Take a look at some dresses to get inspired.

Envious Gems 90s fashion trend dresses


Flannel shirts and crop tops were very popular in the 90s. Crop tops are a great way to update your look for summer. You can wear crop tops with anything, maxi skirts are a stylish choice for the sunny season. Flannel shirts were often worn open over a dress or top. These could be a good alternative to a jacket or cardigan. Pair with a lacy dress for a very 90s look. You could even wear both trends with the shirt and crop top together. Take a look at some tops for inspiration.

Envious Gems 90s fashion trend tops


Jeans have stood the test of time, these were popular in the 90s just like today. Ripped wide leg jeans were a hugely popular style as were rolled up jeans. Both these styles can be re-worked to look trendy now. Wear ripped jeans or rolled up jeans with a crop top or lacy top. You could even wear these with a Flannel shirt for a very 90’s look. Pair with high heels for a chic twist. Take a look at some jeans to get inspired.

Envious Gems 90s fashion trend pants


There were many styles of shoes loved in the 90s. The iconic shoes making a comeback are tough combat boots and platforms. Combat boots became popular during the grunge trend, these were worn with anything and everything. Platforms exploded onto the scene from music acts like Britney Spears. These shoes are bright and statement making. Both these styles of shoes are must haves and can be worn with any outfit. Check out some 90s shoes for inspiration.

Envious Gems 90s fashion trend shoes


Chokers were must haves in the 90’s. At Envious Gem we have a stunning collection of Swarovski crystal choker length necklaces. These give a chic and modern twist on the 90’s choker. As grunge was a popular trend it would be a great idea to choose jewelry with a grunge look. Take a look at some chokers and grunge picks from Envious Gems to get inspired.

Envious Gems 90s fashion trend jewelry

Take a look at two outfits we put together.

Envious Gems 90s Fashion Trend Outfit idea

We hope you have been inspired by our 90s guide. All the jewelry featured is available on the Envious Gems website. You can also follow us on Pinterest for more jewelry, trends and style tips.


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