Mystical Gems | Envious Gems

It has been said that gemstones hold special energy and are symbols of many things such as luck and protection. These beliefs have been passed down generations throughout history and some are still believed today. We think gemstones are a great way to jazz up your outfit. So take a look at the Envious Gems mystical top picks.

Monica’s Amethyst Bracelet

Our first pick is a Buddha bracelet created by Monica & Me Designs. The beautiful bracelet features Amethyst gemstone beads, a pave ball and a Happy Buddha charm. Amethyst is believed to give the wearer strength and peace. It is a stone used in meditation because of its calming energy. This is a stylish bracelet that may help you on your way to inner peace.

Envious Gems Monica's Amethyst Beaded Buddha Stretch Bracelet

India Deep Teardrop Earrings

Our next mystic pick is our teardrop earrings. The earrings feature stunning Aquamarine stones set in a hammered gold setting. Aquamarine is said to give the wearer courage and to help you be prepared in any situation. These are stunning earrings that may help you feel great on the inside and stylish on the outside.

Envious Gems India Deep Aquamarine Stone Teardrop Earrings

Moonstone Earrings

Mystical Moonstone earrings are our next pick. The stunning earrings have beautiful Moonstones shaped as teardrops and are attached to a wire hoop. Moonstone is thought to bring good fortune. It is also believed to bring balance and rejuvenation to the body.

Envious Gems Moon Stone Wire Hoop Earrings

Blue Opal Necklace

Our next pick is our stunning semi precious Hasma necklace. The Hasma pendant is cut from blue Opal and symbolizes protection, strength and blessings. Opal is said to balance your energy and Chakras. It is also believed to calm the mind.

Envious Gems Blue Opal Hasma Gold Vermeil Necklace

Mother of Pearl Horn CZ Gold Vermeil Necklace

Mother of Pearl is beautiful and is often used in traditional Pearl necklaces. At Envious Gems we have a horn necklace that gives the pearl a trendy updated look. The necklace features a Mother of Pearl horn with a CZ crown and bale, which adds a touch of elegance. Mother of Pearl is said to protect from negativity and to bring prosperity.

Envious Gems Mother of Pearl Horn CZ Gold Vermeil Necklace

Topaz Heart Stone Swarovski Elements Crystal Necklace

Envious Gems have new Swarovski Element jewelry available. Our next pick is our glass bottle necklace that features a Topaz heart crystal. Topaz is a calming stone that is said to balance emotions and to bring joy. It is a stunning necklace that will suit any outfit. Would also make a great gift as it comes with a Swarovski jewelry pouch.

Envious Gems Glass Bottle with Topaz Heart Stone Swarovski Elements Crystal Pendant Necklace

Turquoise Charm Bracelet

Our last pick is our Turquoise bead bracelet. It features two wooden beads, a two tone heart charm and a flat coin pearl. Turquoise is said to bring wisdom and peace of mind. It is a cute little bracelet that can be worn for any occasion. You could even stack it with other bracelets for a unique look.

Envious Gems Turquoise beaded Two Tone Heart Charm Bracelet

We hope you have been inspired by our mystical gems. All the jewelry featured is available on the Envious Gems website. You can also read a few more facts about gemstones on our previous post Interesting Facts About Jewelry.



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