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Jewelry has been part of our lives throughout history. We have always loved decorating ourselves with gold, silver, gems and diamonds. All the beautiful jewelry is not always as simple at is appears. Throughout time jewelry has been used not to just look stylish but also as good luck symbols and even to ward off evil. With that said Envious Gems has put together interesting facts about jewelry that will intrigue and surprise you.

Our first fact is not for anyone scared of bugs! Live insect jewelry has been a popular choice in many cultures dating back to the Egyptians. Egyptians wore live Scarab beetles as they believed it would protect them against enemies. Beetle jewelry was also a big hit in Victorian Britain and cockroaches were even crafted into brooches by a fashion designer in 2006. This is a trend that is better left in history and is not for the squeamish.

Live Bug Jewerly Interesting Jewelry Facts

Many cultures through the ages have believed that Opals have supernatural powers. An Arabic legend says that Opals are pieces that have fell from the heavens during thunder and lightning storms. Opals are also believed to guard from disease by the Ancient Greeks. These mystical stones have and always will be a popular choice for jewelry.

Opal Interesting Jewelry FactsAt Envious Gems we have a trendy collection of Blue Opal necklaces. These are available to order on our website. These might not give you supernatural powers but you’ll look great for any occasion.

Envious Gems Blue Opal Necklaces Jewelry Interesting Facts

In most countries wedding rings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. This tradition comes from ancient times when it was believed that a vein ran straight from that finger to the heart. The vein was called vena amoris (Latin for the vein of love) because of the hand heart connection.

Wedding Ring Tradition Jewelry Interesting FactsHistorians believe that Peridot was Cleopatra’s favourite gemstone. They think through time her Peridot gems were mistaken for Emeralds. Peridot was also called the gem of the sun by the ancient Egyptians.

Cleopatra ancient Egypt Interesting Jewelry Facts

At Envious Gems have we have a stunning collection of Peridot Swarovski Element Crystal necklaces. These might not be ancient but will make you feel like royalty for any occasion.

Envious Gems Peridot Swarovski Jewelry Interesting Facts

We all remember the Oscar winning epic Titanic and the iconic necklace featured in the movie. The stunning Heart of the Ocean necklace was a large Sapphire cut into a heart. It is believed that this necklace is not complete fiction made for the movie, it turns out there was an expensive Sapphire necklace with a different design aboard the ship in 1912. The necklace survived the sinking and was sold later in the owners life.

Titanic Heart of the Ocean Jewelry Interesting FactsWe can’t give you the Heart of the Ocean but we do have a Lover’s Heart Key Sapphire Swarovski Elements Crystal Pendant Necklace. This cute little necklace features a Sapphire color heart with a modern key twist.

Envious Gems Swarovski Element crystal Sapphire Necklace

Our last fact is about gold. In ancient times people believed that gold was created by the Sun. They also believed gold was the tear drops from their Sun Gods.

Sun Interesting Jewelry Facts

We hope you have enjoyed some fun facts about jewelry. The Envious Gems jewelry featured is available on our website. If you know any more cool facts be sure to let us know!


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