June Must Haves

We are now in the beginning of a new month. What better way to start than with new accessories. Take a look at our top 10 must haves for June.

1. June is a month that has a trio of birthstones, Pearl, Alexandrite and Moonstone. The first stone is Pearl making our first pick our Mother of Pearl Horn Necklace. With this piece you can have the elegance of pearls with a trendy twist. It’s a stunning necklace to help celebrate your birthday month in style.


2. Our next birthstone is Alexandrite. Alexandrite is considered to be nature’s magic because it can change color depending on what light it is in. In sunlight the stone appears green and in lamp light it appears red. It’s an expensive and rare stone. With that in mind we split up this stones colors to create alternative looks. For a sunny Alexandrite look try wearing our Green Stud Earrings. These will give you the expensive emerald look without breaking the bank.


3. To get the dark lamp light red try wearing our Red Stone Ring. It is a stylish ring that can be worn with any outfit for any occasion.


4. The last birthstone for June is Moonstone. Making our next pick our Moon Stone Hoop Earrings. These are stunning earrings that will add elegance to any outfit for any occasion.


5. Every month is symbolised by a flower that is sometimes known as a Birth Flower. The birth flower for June is the Rose. We have been inspired by pink roses making our next pick our Rose Swarovski Elements Crystal Stud Earrings. These beautiful earrings feature rosey pink stones and will give any outfit a feminine look.


6. From May 21st – June 20th the Zodiac sign is Gemini. Yellow is supposed to bring joy to a Gemini’s wardrobe. Making our next pick our Crystal Yellow Retro Sunglasses. These are bold sunglasses that are perfect for Summer and vacations.


7. From June 21st – July 22nd the zodiac sign is Cancer. White is the lucky color for the cancer sign. So our next pick is our Large White 4 Leaf Clover Earrings. These are beautiful earrings that will give any outfit a summery look.


8. As you may have read over the last couple of weeks we have new Swarovski Element Crystal Jewelry available on our website. So we couldn’t have this list without featuring some of our new stunning pieces. With that said our next June must have is our Fuchsia Tear Drop Swarovski Elements Necklace. This is a stunning necklace that will add a pop of pink to any outfit. You can read more about these necklaces here.


9. Our next Swarovski Element pick is our Glass Bottle Topaz Heart Necklace. The vibrant Topaz heart will be a nice touch to your summer outfits. You can read more about these necklaces here.


10. Our last pick is a sneak peek at our next blog post. On our next post we will be showcasing our brand new Girl’s Bicycle Swarovski Elements Necklaces. Today we have our Aquamarine pendant. It is a cute necklace that will suit any girl’s outfit for Summer and beyond.


We hope you have found your perfect must for June, go over to the website to order and to see our full range of stylish jewelry and accessories.


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