Yoga Style

Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice. It is a huge part of people’s lives today so we have created a gorgeous bracelet for all the stylish Yogis out there. In this post we will be showcasing the trendy new bracelet as well as some of our other jewelry that will help you achieve inner peace in style.

Yoga Bracelet

Here is our brand new Yoga inspired charm bracelet. The bracelet features many charms including: a Yoga Pose, Lotus Flower, Namaste, OM and Envious Gems. All these sit on a delicate wire bracelet that slides and expands to fit most wrists sizes. Each of the charms have a special meaning in Yoga. The pose charm sees a Yogi in a Lotus position which is a popular move in Yoga as its believed to calm the mind. The lotus flower is iconic and represents being grounded mentally and spiritually. Namaste is a respectful greeting that is often used in Yoga classes. OM means many things to different people. A popular belief is that when OM is said it aligns the body, mind and spirit. These charms cover some of the basics of Yoga.

Envious Gems Yoga 1

Whether you’re a practising Yogi or just starting out this is a cute bracelet that will bring some of the positive Yoga influences into your daily fashion. It also comes with an Envious Gems gift box making it a great gift for any Yoga lover in your life.


Now you have seen our new bracelet, it is time to show off some of our other jewelry. Perfect for any Yogi’s jewelry box.

Karma Bracelet

Our Karma bracelet is another stylish bracelet with a Yoga theme. It features many charms including: Karma, OM, Namaste, Believe, Lotus Flower and Envious Gems. All the charms sit on a wire bracelet that expands to fit most wrist sizes. The karma charm represents your actions always coming back to you. This is taught in many Yoga classes. Karma Yoga is also practiced. Believe is a great word to carry around with you because it reminds us to believe in ourselves. OM, Namaste and the lotus flower are all popular symbols of Yoga.

Envious Gems Yoga 3

Karma ” Lotus ” Bracelet

Our next Karma bracelet includes many charms: Karma, Lotus, Hamsa, Love, Heart and Envious Gems. Just like the other bracelets this one also expands to fit most wrist sizes. The love and heart charms are a nice touch on this bracelet because it encourages us to love ourselves and others. This is a popular theme to Yoga. The Hamsa hand is a symbol of protection, luck and strength.

Envious Gems Yoga 2

Hamsa Bracelet

Our last Yoga inspired bracelet features many charms including: Hamsa, Lotus, OM, Angel Wing, Celtic Knot  and Envious Gems. All the charms sit on an expandable wire, making it fit most wrist sizes. The Angel wing is a lovely addition to this bracelet as it symbolizes harmony and protection. The Celtic Knot has a spiritual meaning of beginnings and endings. It reminds us that our spirit is timeless.

Envious Gems Yoga 4

We hope you love our Yoga inspired jewelry as much as we do. All bracelets featured come with a gift box. Check out the website or Amazon page for more jewelry and accessories. You can also check out our Pinterest page that is full of trends and style tips.


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