Star Sign Style

Discover a snippet into your future with our star sign style. We reveal what is in the stars for you with some style tips and jewelry picks to match. So take a look, find yours and see what is in store for you.

Aries – March 21 – April 19

This is going to be a productive time for Aries. It’s all about work and accomplishing your goals. Making sophisticated fashion a must have for you. Wear minimal designs to take care of business.

eg aries

Taurus: April 20 – May 20

It’s time to let your confidence and sense of humour shine. It will help you experience new things and might even attract new romance. We suggest trying feminine fashion that expresses your personality.

eg taurus

Gemini: May 21 – June 20

Gemini birthdays are coming! Making these upcoming weeks all about you. It’s a good time to pursue your passions. We suggest choosing statement pieces to help celebrate your birthday in style.

eg gemini

Cancer: June 21 – July 22

It is a busy time for anyone with the Cancer sign. Socializing, parties and much more seem to be in store for you. Making glam fashion a must have. You need to bring out the bling for your time in the spotlight.

cancer eg

Leo: July 23 – August 22

For Leo it is a time for new work opportunities and accomplishing goals. As Leos like to be noticed we suggest wearing colourful outfits and accessories with clashing prints.

leo eg

Virgo: August 23 – Sept. 22

For Virgo May is about discovery. So try learning something new or travelling. It is also a time when tempers might flare, so keep a cool head. With that in mind we suggest choosing pale, soothing colors.

eg virgo

Libra: Sept. 23 – October 22

The beginning of the month saw Librans wanting to take some time out to rejuvenate. Now it’s about socializing and trying new things which may even lead to romance! We suggest choosing pink shades as these are fun and feminine colors.

eg libra

Scorpio: October 23 – Nov. 21

It’s a good time for people born under this sign to make a fresh start. This will give you a boost and allow you to be more confident in social and professional settings. To suit this renewed mood choose simple designs in neutral colors.

eg scorpio

Sagittarius: Nov. 22 – Dec. 21

The month so far and the weeks to come are happy for Sagittarius. It’s all about enjoying life and having fun. You need a vibrant outfit to reflect and share your great mood. We suggest choosing bright shades of orange and yellow.

eg sag

Capricorn: Dec. 22 – Jan. 19

Capricorns are said to have natural leadership skills and it’s time to let those shine in the workplace. To reflect your inner leader choose red. It symbolizes strength, power, determination and adventure.

eg cap

Aquarius: Jan. 20 – Feb. 18

Now it’s time for people with the Aquarius sign to let loose and have some fun. You should enjoy being the centre of attention. You need a glam outfit for your time in the spotlight, so try Choosing bright colors and bling.

eg aqua

Pisces: Feb. 19 – March 20

During May you will enjoy having your friends and family around you. It’s also time for you to enjoy some good fortune. With all this positivity around choose warm colors that spread the love such as red, orange and pink.

eg pisces

We hope you have been inspired by our star sign style. You can shop all the jewelry featured on our website and Amazon page.


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