Relaxed and Casual

Relaxed fashion is a must have for the Spring and Summer. This trend is all about easy to wear outfits that look effortlessly stylish. The key to getting this look is long, loose and layered clothing. It is a casual style that will suit any occasion. Check out our guide on how to wear this laid back look.



For the relaxed look we suggest choosing tops that are loose like blouses. Blouses are great to have in the closet because you can wear these anywhere from work to a night out. As it is a spring and summer trend look at light colors such as white, light grey and blue. These are gorgeous colors that suit everyone. Take a look at some casual tops to get inspired.



Blazers are considered to be more of a formal piece but this season tailoring has relaxed. Giving it a more slouchy feel, which makes it perfect for this trend. You can wear a blazer for any occasion and it is a great alternative to a jacket for chilly days. Blazers work for this trend in most colors from dark blue to white. Take a look at some blazers for inspiration.



When choosing pants for this trend look for a loose style. Ditch the tight fitting jeans and instead go for something light and flowing. Palazzo or linen pants are great for this trend. These styles will look great right through the Summer and you can even take a few pairs on vacation. When paired with a blouse and blazer you have a trendy but relaxed look. Take a look at these pant picks to get inspired.



Long flowing skirts are a must have for this trend and season. Wearing a loose maxi skirt is an easy way to look summer ready. Pair with a casual top and you are good to go. Choose skirts in light shades, grey and white are a good choice. Skirts will suit any occasion so are a great staple item to have in your closet. Take a look at some skirt inspiration.



There are many dresses out there that will suit this trend. Choose any length or print but one thing we suggest is to make sure it is loose. Skin tight is not really the look for this trend. As it is Spring and nearly Summer choose some light colors and prints. You could even pair it with a blazer for a glam look. Take a look at some dresses to get inspired.



Minimal jewelry will finish off your relaxed outfit nicely. It will keep the outfit looking tasteful, casual and simple. For a night out still keep it simple but add some jewlery with a bit of bling. We have put together some of the best picks from our website to get you inspired.



Anything goes with shoes. Whether you like strappy heels, sneakers or flats. One thing we would just say is keep it simple and a light shade. Take a look at some shoe inspiration.


We hope you have been inspired by this laid back trend. All the jewelry featured is available on our website. Check out our Pinterest page for more trends and style tips.


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