Over the Rainbow

This season you’ll find the next biggest trend somewhere over the Rainbow. The Rainbow trend is inspired by the magical colors that form across the sky. It is a bright, fun and colorful way to update your look for the Spring and Summer. There are 7 colors to choose from so there is something for everyone. We have been inspired by this vibrant style at Envious Gems and have put together our favourite jewelry and accessory must haves for each color of the rainbow.



Red is a statement making color that can represent energy, love and a zest for life. People who wear red are also said to feel more confident. It is a bright and bold color that will look gorgeous with any outfit. Take a look at our red jewelry and accessories to jazz up your outfit.

FullSizeRender [518091]


Orange is a great color to wear at this time of year. It is said to give people a feeling of joy, fun and excitement, which really suits the summer mood. You can wear orange for any occasion and it’s great for vacations to. Take a look at our orange jewelry to brighten up your outfits.

FullSizeRender [518093]


Yellow is a must have! It’s the color of the sun and represents positivity and happiness. Yellow jewelry and accessories is the perfect way to add a flash of this beautiful color to your outfits. This shade will look stylish for any occasion and will look great on vacation. Check out our yellow picks to add sunshine to your look.

FullSizeRender [518095]


Green is a very trendy color for the Spring and Summer. It looks great when worn with the Tropical Trend which you can read about here. Not only is it stylish but it also represents luck and peace. Jewelry is a great way to add a splash of green to any outfit, so take a look at our favourite picks that will refresh your look.

FullSizeRender [518097]


Blue is a must have color for summer. It reminds us of blue skies, oceans and tropical islands. The color represents tranquillity and confidence. It’s a stunning color that you can wear with any outfit for any occasion. Take a look at our blue picks.

FullSizeRender [518099]


Indigo is a dark midnight blue that is a combination of deep blue and violet. This shade is a great staple color to have in your closet because it suits everything, it is also a great color to wear when transitioning from season to season. It represents wisdom and inner peace. Take a look at our indigo must haves.

FullSizeRender [518192]


Violet is a stunning colour perfect for Spring and Summer. It represents creativity and elegance. This shade will look beautiful for any occasion and its great for special events like weddings. Take a look at our violet jewelry and accessories that will brighten up your look.

FullSizeRender [518194]

We hope you have been inspired by the Rainbow trend. Check out our website to the see the full range of jewelry and accessories. Also check out our Pinterest page for more trends and style tips.


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