Coachella Weekend 2

Coachella went out with a bang this weekend. The last weekend of the music festival saw performances from Ellie Goulding, Sia and many more. The festival goers lived up to expectation and danced the weekend away in bang on trend festival fashion. Even though Coachella has closed for another year it is just the beginning for festival fashion. This laid back boho style will be a must have right through to the end of summer. With that in mind we put together a list of must haves that your festival inspired look will not be complete without.

Crop Tops

There are so many gorgeous styles of top to choose from. The most popular style at Coachella were crop tops. Crop tops are a cute and fun way to update your look for the summer. No matter what your style there is a crop top to suit you. Take a look at some tops for style inspiration.


Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses were popular dresses at Coachella. Maxi dresses are super easy to wear because it is just one piece that looks stylish for any occasion. These guarantee to give you the iconic festival boho vibe. You could wear this style for any summer occasion including vacations. Take a look at some dresses for inspiration.



Sunglasses are an essential. Whether you’re planning out your next festival or just want the Coachella look then sunglasses are what you need. Not only are these practical but these are a super stylish way to finish off your look. Wayfarers and Aviators are a popular choice for celebrities and festival goers. Take a look at the sunglasses we have available on the Envious Gems website these are must haves for the summer.


Flip Flops

The weather did not disappoint at Coachella the sun was blazing and the skies were blue. Flip flops and gladiator sandals were very popular festival shoe choices. Flip flops are great because these are comfy, summery shoes that won’t get ruined if there is a shower of rain. Perfect for festivals and beyond. At Envious Gems we have a gorgeous collection that is perfect for this look. Take a look at the colors we have available on our website.



Jewelry is a must have for any festival look. Multiple statement rings and layered necklaces were very popular choices at Coachella. Not only is this look great for festival season but it will also look great for the whole year. There are so many styles out there to choose from so just experiment by layering different metals and colors together. Take a look at some festival picks from the Envious Gems website.



Hats and visors were worn by many at Coachella which is no surprise because of the sunny weather. Not only are these practical for keeping you cool but these are a stylish way to finish off your look. Visors are great to keep you cool without giving you hat hair so these are a great festival pick. Take a look at some hats from the Envious Gems website to give you some inspiration.


We hope you have been inspired by festival fashion. All the jewelry and accessories are available on our website.


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