Short Necklaces

Over the last few seasons long necklaces have dominated the trends, these are still stylish but there is a new necklace length that is bang on trend for Spring. Shorter necklaces that sit around the collar bone are the must haves. At this length necklaces demand to be seen. We have been inspired by this fresh new trend at Envious Gems and have put together our top picks of shorter necklaces.

Mother of Pearl Horn Necklace

Our first pick is a gold vermeil necklace that measures 16″ in length. This length will fall at the base of the neck. The necklace features a stunning Mother of Pearl horn pendant with a Cubic Zirconia crown and bale. It is an elegant and trendy necklace that will suit any of your Spring outfits.


Gold Diamonds by The Yard Necklace

This necklace is a must have for your jewelry box. Our stunning necklace measures 18″ length. At this length the necklace will fall just below the throat at the collarbone. The chain is 14KT gold vermeil so it is guaranteed not to turn with normal wear making it perfect for everyday. It also features eight beautiful round clear CZ stones.


Blue Topaz Crystal Necklace

Our next pick is a stunning statement piece. The necklace features 16 pear shaped crystals on a 17″ long chain. It also has a 3″ extender so you can wear it at different lengths so it will sit just above, on or below your collar bone. This gorgeous necklace can be worn with any outfit.


Mila Bib Necklace

This necklace is the longest of the list. Our Mila necklace measures 18″ long and has a 3″ extender. At it’s shortest it will sit just below the throat at the collarbone and at it’s longest will fall below the collarbone. It features multiple chains with three strands of faux pearls within the chains. You can wear this eye catching necklace with any outfit for any occasion.


Gold Angel Wings Necklace

Our next necklace features a lovely Angel wing pendant. The pendant sits on a gold plated 16″ chain that has a 2″ extender. At the 16″ length it will sit at the base of the neck and with the extension it will just hit the collarbone. It is a cute piece that will look stylish with any outfit.


Silver Diamonds by The Yard Necklace

This necklace is the silver version of the gold Diamonds by the Yard necklace featured near the top of this post. It has the same stunning features including eight stunning CZ stones and an 18″ length chain. It will sit on your collarbone and because it is Sterling Silver it will not turn with normal wear.


Sophia Bib Necklace

Our Sophia necklace features Pink Quartz bubble shaped acrylic stones that sit on a 17″ long chain with a 2″ extender. The extender is a great feature because a slight change in length can create a different look. This necklace will sit just above or on the collarbone and will add a pop of color to any outfit.


We hope you have been inspired by our picks list. All the jewelry featured is available on the Envious Gems website. Check out our blog and Pinterest page for more fashion and jewelry trends.


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