Designer Looks for Less

At Envious Gems we believe you are entitled to look stylish and gorgeous without breaking the bank. This is why our collections are bang on trend and look like they were purchased straight out of a designer store. If you love designer accessories but hate the price tag then look no further. Here we provide a guide to the most stylish pieces with our low price alternatives.

T Bar Bracelet

T-bar bracelets are associated with a very famous luxury brand. The bracelets are sleek and stylish so you can wear these with any outfit. As nice as the bracelets are they can leave a serious dent in your bank balance. We have seen bracelets like this ranging from $50-$5000!

gWe have a fantastic alternative. Our T-bar bracelet looks very similar to the famous bracelet but it doesn’t have the huge price tag. It is a cute gold tone piece that will give you the luxury look for the amazing price of $15. This alternative lets you have designer style with money spare for other treats.


Teardrop Earrings

Crystal teardrop earrings have been created by many designer brands. This is because these earrings have a timeless design that instantly gives the wearer an elegant look. As stunning as the earrings are you will find that the price can be very high. We have seen these priced at $272.

ughWe have a beautiful alternative. Our classic teardrop earrings have almost the same design but without the high price. The earrings feature classic pear shaped clear crystals. You can wear these with any outfit for any occasion, even to huge events like weddings. Best of all you can grab a pair for $15.

hhhGold Vermeil Necklace

Multi crystal necklaces never go out of style. Making these a must have accessory that many designer brands sell. Necklaces with this design are great for every day wear. Beautiful necklaces like these can set you back anything from $200 to $1,000 so it would be great to look for an alternative to suit your budget.

jiyhugOur Diamonds by The Yard Necklace is very similar to the luxury ones in high price stores. The necklace features 15 round Stones that are Bezel set on a gold vermeil chain and is guaranteed not to turn with normal wear. Get this stunning everyday necklace for the fantastic price of $59.99.

jbjbBlue Stone Ring

Blue statement rings are must haves for the Spring. Many designer brands have created statement making rings. As gorgeous as these rings are they can be a drain on the bank balance. We have seen rings like this sell for around $40 to $3000! Check out our perfect alternative.

jbjbkokOur Sky Blue Ring is very similar to some of the luxury rings. The ring features a beautiful blue stone that is surrounded by small crystals. It is a great everyday piece that you can add to your jewelry collection for $12.


We hope you have been inspired to add some looks for less to your jewelry box. Go to our website to check out our full range. Follow us on Pinterest for more style tips and trends.


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