Spring has Arrived!

Yesterday we saw the arrival of Spring. The weather will only get better and the fashion will get brighter. To celebrate the new season we decided to write about on trend nail colors. Nail polishes are a great way to wear this seasons colors as you don’t have to spend a lot on new clothes to get the latest look. Not only that but new nail colours show off your jewelry at it’s best. So check out some stylish nail colors for the Spring and the best way to accessorise.


Yellow is a must have for Spring. This color reminds us of the sun and happy times. When choosing your yellow color choose a pastel tone. This is a mellow shade that will add a fresh pop of color to your look.

FullSizeRender6When choosing jewelry to match your yellow tone try silver jewelry. The combination of yellow and silver is very stylish and the pastel tone will make your jewelry stand out. For a casual look choose minimal but for a night out bring out the bling.


Chrome nails will bring out your inner rock chic. This color is stylish, statement making and edgy. You can wear this trendy polish with any outfit. It will also look great season after season.


When choosing jewelry for this polish there are a couple of different looks you could try. Silver jewelry will look gorgeous because it will closely match your nails. For something a little different try wearing gold jewelry as mixed metals is a huge trend for 2016.


Royal Blue

Royal blue is a stunning color. This bright and bold shade reminds us of sunny blue skies. It is also a great transitional color for Spring to Summer because it suits both.

FullSizeRender10When accessorising your royal blue shade we suggest wearing gold jewlery. The gold tone compliments the blue perfectly. Try minimal designs for a casual look and for a special occasion add some sparkle as this will give it a luxury look.


Glitter nails are a must have for any season. Choose a polish that is clear with a subtle amount of glitter. It will add a soft sparkle to any outfit. This will look gorgeous for Spring and beyond.

FullSizeRender2There is lots of jewelry that would compliment glitter nails. For a casual look wear plain jewelry. For a night out glitz it up and choose pieces with bling. It’s a lovely look that anyone can wear.

FullSizeRender3Pastel Purple

Pastels are the shades of Spring. No outfit would be complete without these soft colors. Pastel purple nails are a stylish and feminine look that will suit any outfit. This polish will also refresh and update your look making you instantly Spring ready.


When accessorising this shade gold and silver jewelry look lovely, so just choose the tone you like best. Elegant and dainty pieces will look beautiful with this shade. It will create a stunning look that will suit any occasion.


We hope you have been inspired to try new nail designs. All the jewelry featured is available on our website. Check out the full range here, there is something to suit every nail colour.


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