Jewelry Picks of the Week

We have put together our top picks of the week. These chic and stylish pieces are bang on trend and will be the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

Orange Gemstone Earrings

Warm and fiery colors are must haves for the Spring and Summer, making our orange gemstone earrings our first pick. The earrings feature beautiful orange Quartz stones. These are bold and vibrant and will brighten up any of your outfits. The stones are attached to a wire hoop making these stylish and elegant.


Owl Ring

Jewelry for 2016 has taken inspiration from the animal kingdom. Making our cute owl ring a must have for the Spring and beyond. The ring has stunning detail on the chest and wings. It also features two black crystals for eyes. It is a quirky piece that will add some fun to any outfit for any occasion.


Airplane Bracelet

Our charm bracelet is perfect for anyone who loves travelling the world and is thinking about vacation. The bracelet features many charms including: an airplane, suitcase, star, made in the USA and Envious Gems. All the charms sit on a stylish wire bracelet that expands to fit most wrist sizes. It is the perfect accessory for any globetrotter.

img-0867__35188.1448263296.1280.1280Stripe Knit Infinity Scarf

Our fringe infinity scarf made the picks list this week because of the color combination. The scarf features yellow and blue stripes which will brighten up any outfit. These shades are great for the transiton between winter and spring because you have the winter blue with a vibrant yellow. It is perfect for when it’s chilly but you want to look spring ready.


Mini Turquoise Earrings

Turquoise is a beautiful stone that never goes out of fashion. It is most popular during the Spring and Summer because it gives outfits a beachy, boho vibe. Our earrings feature two beautiful Turquoise stones shaped as teardrops that are set in brushed gold. Wear these earrings with any outfit for an instant fresh spring look.


Gecko Lizard Ring

Jewelry that has taken inspiration from nature and animals is huge for 2016. Our Gecko ring is a quirky piece that will add fun to any outfit. The Gecko features CZ stones and tiny pearls throughout. It is a statement ring that is perfect for a night out.


Surfer Bracelet

Our charm bracelet is a must have for anyone who loves to surf. The super stylish bracelet features many charms including: a surfer, Shaka sign, Dolphin, made in the USA and Envious Gems. All the charms sit on a trendy wire bracelet which expands to fit most wrist sizes. Perfect for anyone who loves the ocean waves.


Slate Black Bora Chronograph Style Watch

Sleek and minimal accessories are must haves for this season and beyond. Making our slate black watch a must have. The watch features decorative subdials and stylishly hangs off the wrist like a bracelet. This is a trendy watch that will suit any of your outfits from work to an evening out.


Visit our website to order your pick of the week. Make sure you take a look at our other stylish jewelry and accessories before you check out. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Pinterest.


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