Spring Pastels

Spring begins on Sunday, which means it’s time to clean out your closet and refresh it with some spring time pastels. Pastel colors are must haves for the new season and are perfect for the upcoming Easter festivities. So take a look at our guide on how to get the perfect pastel look to help you hop into Spring.


Tops are an easy way to wear pastel colors as there are so many shades and styles to choose from. There is something to suit everyone. Pastel tops are also suitable for any occasion as these are very easy to dress up or down. For a bright and sunny look choose pastel yellow and for a soft feminine look choose pink. You could even try pastel green or blue for a fresh look. When you have chosen your color and style just pair these with anything from a skirt to jeans.


There are so many styles of pants to choose from. As we are updating outfits for the Spring and Summer we suggest trying capri trousers. This style will show some leg and keep it chic and stylish. Capri trousers suit the pastel shades. You could keep it subtle with pastel pants and a white top or to make it bold and trendy try pairing your pants with a matching top. These are must haves however you choose to wear them.



There are so many styles of skirt to choose from and pastels suit them all. If you like to look feminine try a pink pastel skater skirt. For a boho look try a maxi and if you’re looking for a bold statement try a mini skirt. There is something to suit everyone. Try wearing your skirt with a pastel top of a different shade to mix up your look.


Pastel dresses are a very easy way to refresh your look. When you wear any style of dress in a pastel shade you will instantly look spring and summer ready. This is a good investment buy to because a dress can be styled to suit any occasion. From work to a night out to a wedding. A pastel blue dress will be perfect to wear this Easter.


Pastel shoes will brighten up any outfit. The best styles of shoes to choose from would be sandals, wedges, flats or strappy heels as these suit the warmer weather of Spring. These will also suit any occasion and will see you right through the summer and vacations.



No outfit is complete without jewelry and pastel jewelry is an absolute must have for Spring. Pastel jewelry is perfect if color isn’t your thing and you want a subtle shade. If you love color and being bold then pastel jewelry will just add another tone that will make you stand our from the crowd. Take a look at our top jewelry picks straight from our website. These are perfect for Spring and beyond.


We hope you have taken inspiration from this Spring style. All the jewelry featured is available to order on our website. Follow us on Pinterest for more trends and style tips.


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