Earn Your Stripes

It’s the time of year when we look ahead to see what fashion and jewelry trends are emerging for the upcoming seasons. We have come across a trend that is set to be huge for the spring and beyond and that is stripes. Stripes have been around for years and it’s a chic print that anyone can wear. Check out our guide on stripes that will make you look stylish for any occasion.


Striped tops are an easy way to update and refresh your closet. You can wear these with your existing pants and skirts for a chic look. Stripes can also be dressed up or down to suit any occasion. There are many types of tops out there. Try a boat neck top for a casual look or for a work and evening look try a striped blouse. Take a look at our stripe top picks.

FullSizeRender [220905]Dresses

Striped dresses are a great staple item to have in your closet. You can wear a dress on chilly days with boots and for sunny days you can swap the boots for flip-flops or wedges. Not only are these good in all weathers but also for any occasion. All you need to do to take your dress from work to a night out is swap the shoes and accessories. Take a look at our stripe dress inspiration.

FullSizeRender [220907]Skirts

Striped skirts may seem like something not everyone can wear but that is not the case. Anyone can wear a striped skirt you just have to choose the right stripes for you. If you want to look taller choose a skirt with thin vertical stripes. To flatter your figure and define your curves choose thicker stripes. Experiment with different styles to find the right stripes for you. Skirts are great to have in your closet because these can be worn for any occasion. Take a look at our stripe skirt picks.

FullSizeRender [220909]Pants

Striped pants will add instant sophistication to your closet. You will look stylish and fashion forward. A great length to try is just above the ankle. These will suit any weather and won’t make your legs look shorter. Take a look at our striped pants inspiration.

FullSizeRender [220911]Shoes

Striped shoes are a great way to subtly add the print to your outfit. Wearing bold stripes might not be for you. If that’s the case just wear a striped shoe and you’re good to go. Wear flats for daytime and step out in striped heels for a night out. Take a look at our striped shoe picks.

FullSizeRender [220913]Bags

Stripes is a very versatile print that will go with anything. Making it the perfect print to have on a bag. A striped bag will make any outfit look stylish for any occasion. Take a look at our bag inspiration.

FullSizeRender [220988]Accessories

Striped accessories will be the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. At Envious Gems we have accessories to suit any outfit for any occasion. Take a look at our top picks. All of these are available on our website.

FullSizeRender [220990]

We hope you have been inspired to change up your look. Visit our website to see out full range of jewelry and accessories. Follow our Pinterest for more style tips.


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