New Summer Camp Inspired Collection

We are very excited to announce that we have a brand new bracelet collection available. This is a special collection just for kids and teens that is inspired by summer camp. Here is a little introduction to summer camps and the inspiration for this special collection.

About Summer Camp

Most of you are probably familiar with summer camp and maybe even attended yourself. For those who aren’t so familiar or want a snippet at what camps all about then to sum it up, summer camp is an unforgettable experience. It is a time when your kids and teens can turn into adventurers and make life long bonds with fellow campers and camp staff. It is an experience that will stay with them for life.

FullSizeRender [47748]About 10 for 2

Our bracelets feature a charm with Live 10 for 2 featured on it. If you have been to summer camp or had some experience then you will already know what this phrase means. If you haven’t then it represents the ten month wait for the two months of fun during summer. It is a lovely phrase that unites all the excited kids and teens as one. After all everyone can’t wait for summer. With that in mind we had to include it on our camp inspired bracelets. Kids can wear these bracelets before their camp experience to build up the excitement for the adventure that awaits them.


We have introduced you to our new project and what has inspired this new collection. We will be showcasing the full collection over the week but we decided to show you a little preview of what’s to come.

This is our Live 10 For 2 Camp Red Stone Gold Tone Wire Bracelet. The bracelet features cute charms including: ” Live 10 for 2 “, red charm, heart with the word ” Camp ” and an American Flag heart charm. The bracelet also features an Envious Gems charm as these are made just for us and you won’t get these from any other brand. The charms sit on a gorgeous wire that will expand to fit most wrist sizes. Making these an easy buy because you won’t have to worry about sizing. These will also look very cute with any outfit for camp and beyond.


As you will see over the week we have these available in gold and silver with 4 different color stones. The stones come in Blue, Green, Red and Yellow so you can choose the camp color.

We have created this special range of bracelets for camp kids and teens to give as a gift before they depart. Any of these bracelets will make your kids trendy campers. These will also make a wonderful keepsake when your kids return home, it’s a piece of jewelry that will keep their memories of camp alive.

Make sure you check out our blogs this week to see the full range. You can order these from our website.The bracelets all come with a cute Envious Gems gift box. Don’t miss out on this summer must have that all the kids will want.


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