February Picks

We are now in the beginning of a new month. What better way to start than with new accessories. Take a look at our top 10 must haves for February.
1. February’s birthstone is Amethyst. So the first pick is our February Charm Bracelet. This Bracelet comes with a February birthstone colour charm. Also attached is an angel wing and a made with love charm. It is a gorgeous bracelet that will help you celebrate your birth month in style.
2. We also have another February birthstone bracelet. Our February Charm Antique Bracelet features many charms including: a blazing sun, birthstone, open heart and a made with love. This is a stylish bracelet that is a must have for anyone born in February.
3. Every month is symbolised by a flower that is sometimes known as a Birth Flower. February’s birth flower is the Violet. These flowers bloom in a beautiful shade of mauve. Our next pick is the Purple Hammered Disc Ring. The ring features a vibrant purple shade that reminds us of Violet petals. This will add a pop of colour to any outfit.
4. From January 20th – February 18th the zodiac sign is Aquarius. People with the Aquarius sign are said to be drawn to blue. Any blue shade is a must have from electric blue to turquoise. So next on our list is our Blue Topaz Necklace. It will make a stylish statement with any outfit.
5. From February 19th – March 20th the Zodiac sign is Pisces. People with the Pisces sign are said to be drawn to red. Our next pick is our Red Tribal Ring it will add a bright flash of red to any outfit.
6. February is the month of love as Valentine’s day is on the 14th. Our next pick is our Fancy Heart Bracelet. This bracelet features many charms including: a large “Fancy Heart “, be mine and I love you. This bracelet is a sneak peek of our new collection, make sure you check out our upcoming post to see the whole range.
7. Keeping in with the Valentine’s day theme we decided to add some pink on the list. Pink represents compassion and love so it’s no surprise that pink is popular at this time of year. Next on our list is our Fuchsia Teardrop Earrings. These are cute, stylish and will add a nice pop of pink to any outfit.
8. Another beautiful gift idea this Valentine’s is our Sergio Gutierrez Bracelet B79. This is a stylish piece from our designer collection. It would make a fantastic gift for any lady.
9. The cold weather isn’t going anywhere just yet so we have added our Blue Chevron Infinity Scarf to our list. It is a cute scarf that will suit any outfit and keep you cozy in style.
10.  Our last pick is our Blue Fingerless Gloves. These are a must have for the cold weather you can keep warm and still text your friends. The blue colour will add a nice tone to any outfit.
Check out our website today and grab yourself one of our February must haves.

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