How to Wear Infinity Scarves

The weather is cold so you need the must have winter accessory, the infinity scarf. These are a favourite amongst celebs and will make any outfit look effortlessly stylish. Not only that but you can wear an infinity scarf in many different ways to give you a different look every time. So take a look at our guide on how to wear your scarf to keep you warm in style this winter.
The Loop
This is the most basic way to wear the scarf. All you have to do is simply place it around your neck so it looks like a loop. When worn like this it looks like a classic scarf without dangling loose ends, which is great as some scarves with loose ends can be troublesome especially for the shorter ladies. Any pattern and colour will look stylish when worn in the loop.
Scarf 1
Double Loop
The double loop is a very popular way to wear an infinity scarf. It is great for very cold days because it close to your neck, making sure you stay warm. To get the look just place the scarf around your neck and then loop it over again. Another way is to create an infinity sign fold it in half so both loops are together and place it over your head so it rests on your neck. Any style of scarf furry, patterned or block colour can be used and will suit any outfit.
Scarf 5
 Double Loop Variation
This style is a variation on the double loop. You wear this in same way by putting the scarf over your neck once and then looping it over again. The only difference is that you make one loop close to your neck and pull one loop loose. Making it look double but at different lengths. This is a chic look that can be worn with any scarf.
scarf 4
Over the Shoulder
Wearing your scarf over your shoulders can give you extra warmth during very cold days. It can also be worn when the weather gets warmer and a coat is to much but there is still a chill in the air. So to wear your scarf like this just recreate the double loop and pull the second loop over your shoulders. It is as simple as that to create this stylish look. Any pattern and colour can be worn, we suggest wearing  a scarf that gives your outfit a pop of colour.
scarf 3
The hood style is great for very cold and windy days. It will keep your neck, head and ears cozy on frosty days. To get this style just recreate the double loop and pull the first loop over your head. This then creates a hood. It is a simple look that will keep you warm and stylish. Any scarf can be worn but for a chic look fit for winter try wearing a scarf with fur.
scarf 2
 We hope you have been inspired to create a new look with your infinity scarves. Go over to our website to check out our range of infinity scarves.
FullSizeRender (18).jpg
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