Brooches are going to be huge this year. We have seen these cute little accessories on catwalk shows from designers like Balenciaga and Prada. Many people probably associate brooches with their grandparents but that is all about to change because these are making a comeback and have been seen on world famous models. These have turned into a re-invented accessory that can be a dazzling finishing touch to your look.
FullSizeRender (3)
Purchasing a designer brooch can leave a big dent in the bank balance and buying vintage is just as expensive. Fear not we have a solution. We have come across a way to create a brooch that is unique to you and money saving. It is simple just make your own. You can use new jewelry, old jewelry, broken and odd earrings. Whatever you have around the house. There are many ways in which to do this we have explained a few below but if you just type it in a search engine many tutorials will come up. We have picked out our favourite jewelry from our website that would turn into a beautiful brooch. So take a look and try and make one yourself. You will definitely stand out from the crowd.
Using earrings to create a brooch is quite simple. To start use a studded earring then simply take off the part that goes into your ear so you have a flat surface, then glue a pin straight on. This is a very easy way to make a brooch. Another way is to glue the earring to strong cardboard and then glue on the pin. This is a great way to make it because you will have a strong back and you could add many jewels and gems instead of just one as you’ll have more surface to work with. However you create it just make sure you leave the brooch to dry overnight and then wear it in style. Take a look at our top earring picks that will look fab as a brooch.
FullSizeRender (5)Necklace
Necklaces open up a whole new level of creativity. There is so much possibility. You could use just the pendant in which case you could snip the chain off and simply stick the pin to the pendant. Another way is to stick the pendant on strong cardboard first and then stick the pin to the cardboard. You could also try coiling a necklace around a cardboard shape and glue it on. A plain chain could be used for this or you could use a pendant necklace. Have the necklace coiled and put the pendant in the centre. You could leave some chain remaining for a dangly look or just snip it off. No matter how you make it just make sure you leave it to dry overnight. Creating brooches is endless there are so many ideas. Take a look at our top necklace picks that will look stylish as a brooch.
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We hope you have been inspired to add something unique to your outfit. Take a look at our website to see our full range. Follow us on Pinterest for more style tips and tricks.

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