Sixties Trend

The 1960’s was a decade full of revolution, there were changes worldwide in everything from politics to fashion. Making it a time of change. Many elements of the 60’s are still inspiring people and this decade has a huge influence on the fashion we wear today. Designers have been using sixties styles for years and it is resurfacing into a huge trend for the year. So take a look at our guide on how to get a retro look with a modern twist.
An easy way to get a 60’s look is to choose a top with a peter pan collar. This style was very popular on dresses but wearing it on a top gives it you a sixties look with a modern vibe. Choose a top that has a bright colour such as yellow to really give you a retro look. You could wear tops like these with anything from a pencil skirt to jeans.
FullSizeRender [92213]
We could not have a sixties fashion guide without mentioning mini skirts. These were huge during the decade and still look stylish today. Many ladies panic at the thought of wearing a mini skirt but fear not! There are so many styles out there and you’re secret weapon is hosiery. Pair your chosen mini with a black pair of pantyhose and you’re good to go. For a stylish look choose a tartan print or choose a brighter block colour.
FullSizeRender [92215]
There are many styles of pants to choose from. The favourites are flared jeans, capri trousers and pants with bright prints. Choose any of these styles and you can wear them all year round. Printed and capri are great for the summer.
FullSizeRender [92217]
Shift dresses were a must have. These dresses came in a variety of colours, prints and hem lengths. All these different styles means its an easy retro look that will suit anyone. If you want to really have  60s vibe then choose a dress with a peter pan collar. You could choose many colours and prints. Bright colours are a fantastic choice and for a mod look try black and white. Paisley and geometric prints are also a must. This style of dress is a great investment because it will suit any occasion all year round.
FullSizeRender [92219]
Giving your outfit a 60’s vibe with shoes is easier than you might think. Styles haven’t changed that much, there is just more variety now than back then. Court shoes were popular as were knee high boots also known as Go-Go boots. So when choosing your 60’s style shoes choose black or nude court shoes or a low heeled boot. Choose any colour and length, whatever suits you.
FullSizeRender [92221]
The sixties had many styles of jewelry to choose from. For a hippie look try choosing pieces that are floral, boho and bold. For a mod look choose beaded jewelry and long flapper length necklaces. Any jewelry would suit any of the clothing mentioned so experiment to find what you like. Take a look at our 60’s picks from our website.
We hope you have taken inspiration from the 60’s. All the jewelry featured is available to order on our website. Follow us on Pinterest for more trends and style tips.

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