Christmas & New Year Nail Trends

Nails are a great and easy way to jazz up your outfit during the party season. Not only that but new nail colours show off your jewelry at it’s best. The holidays are the perfect time to try out some new colours or designs. So check out some stylish nail colours for the holidays and the best way to accessorise.


Red is the colour of Christmas. Bright red is a fantastic choice for the holiday season. It’s Christmassy but you can dress it up at new year for a vintage glamour look.


There is lots of jewelry that would compliment red nails. For a Christmas look pair with gold jewelry with coloured gemstones. For New Year glitz it up and choose pieces with bling. It’s a stunning colour that will look great for any upcoming parties.



Rich dark green is a stunning colour. It’s a great for Christmas because it reminds us of trees and decorations. The colour is also huge for the winter and has been seen on designer catwalks. Making it a stylish colour to wear for New Year to.


For Christmas choose jewelry that is gold or silver. Minimal designs looks great with green nails. For New Year bring out the bling and choose silver jewelry with plenty of sparkle.


Gold is a must have colour. It reminds us of Christmas stars, decorations and much more. It’s great for New Years celebrations to. It’s a luxury looking colour that will add glamour to any outfit.


Gold nail colours can be colour matched with gold jewelry or worn with silver jewelry for a mixed metal look. For Christmas choose jewelry that has colourful gemstones and for new year choose something glitzy and statement making.


Just like gold, silver is a luxury looking colour that brings elements of Christmas in a chic way. It can be colour matched with silver jewelry or worn with gold to create a mixed metal look.


For Christmas choose jewelry that is bold and statement making. You want to add some brighter colour to the look. For New Year bring out the bling.



Stripes are a stylish pattern that can be worn all year round. It’s a fantastic Christmas design because you can create a candy cane look with red and white nail polish. For new year you can choose different colours and glam it up with some glitter polish.

imageGold or silver jewelry will look great with this design. Choose pieces that are minimal because you really want to compliment and show off those stripes.

imageBlock Colours

Colour block designs are popular all year round. You can create a Christmas look by colour blocking red and green. For new year you could colour block gold and silver. Just experiment with this look to find what you like.

imageAgain choose minimal jewelry for this. You want to compliment the design and create a balanced look. But for both Christmas and New Year you could add some clear gemstones


We hope you have been inspired to try new nail designs. Check out our full range of jewelry and accessories here. There is something to suit any outfit and nail colour.


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