Jewelry for Inner Peace

Jewelry can be designed  with stress reducing stones and symbols that help lift our mood during difficult times. Not only could this jewelry make you feel good but make you look great to. So let’s take a look at our top picks of jewelry to bring out your inner peace.

Amethyst Quartz Necklace

Amethyst Quartz is said to be calming stone. It is believed to bring the wearer balance, patience and peace. Our Amethyst Quartz pendant is a beautiful colour. Not only is it stylish but it might also bring calmness and peace to you on busy stressful days.


Yin Yang Hamsa Bracelet

This bracelet is part of the new jewelry line made for Envious Gems. It’s a gorgeous charm bracelet that comes with many charms including: Yin Yang, Hamsa, Peace Sign, believe and OM. All these charms are symbols of harmony and inner reflection.


Moonstone Earrings

Moonstone is said to help calm the wearer and balance the emotions. Our earrings have stunning moonstones shaped as teardrops and are attached to a wire hoop for an elegant look.


Happy Buddha Necklace

The Happy Buddha symbolises happiness, health and prosperity. It serves as a good reminder that life is good and to be happy. Our Buddha necklace features a Buddha, small evil eye and a turquoise stone all on a 25” gold plated chain.


Amethyst Buddha Bracelet

Our Monica & Me bracelet is handmade in the USA. This bracelet features a Buddha head which symbolises happiness and Amethyst beads which are said to bring peace to the wearer.


Pink Aventurine Necklace

Pink Aventurine is said to bring the wearer a great sense of well-being. It’s said to make people feel calm and feel inspired. Our necklace is 42” in length and features pink Aventurine beads, a filigree pendant and a leather tassel.


Hamsa Lotus Bracelet

This bracelet is part of our new Envious Gems range which is made in New York. Our bracelet features many charms including: hamsa, lotus, OM, angel wing and a Celtic knot. All these charms represent harmony, mind, body, spirit and strength. This bracelet is perfect to give your mood a little lift.


Mini Aventurine Earrings

Green Aventurine is said to bring a sense of calm and balance and enhances happiness. It is meant to give the wearer a positive outlook on life. Our stunning earrings have two beautiful Aventurine stones shaped as a teardrops and are set in brushed gold for a simple elegant look.


Karma OM Bracelet

This bracelet is part of our new collection made in New York for Envious Gems. Our karma charm bracelet features many charms including: karma, OM, namaste, believe and a lotus flower. These charms symbolise respect, happiness and good deeds. All of these things create an uplifted mood.


Clear Quartz Necklace

Clear Quartz is said to get rid of negative energy. It represents harmony, healing, clarity and calmness. Our beautiful Clear Quartz Pendant is plated in 24KT gold leaf and comes on a 32” chain. It’s a stunning necklace that can make you look and feel great.


We hope you have been inspired to bring some peace into your jewelry box. Make sure you take a look at our full range on our website.


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