Monica & Me Designs

Jewelry made from semi precious stones is a huge hit and is set to be on runways for next year and beyond. Because of this trend we thought it would be a fantastic time to introduce you to another featured designer collection that is available on our site. We have a collection by designer Monica & Me Designs. All the bracelets in this collection have been handmade in the USA and are made from semi precious beaded gemstones. Each bracelet is unique so let’s take a look at this stylish collection.

Beaded Bracelets

We have a stunning selection of semi precious beaded gemstone bracelets by Monica & Me Designs. Each bracelet is put together with gemstone beads, spacers and two pave balls. The bracelets come in gorgeous colours and each one is unique. Any of the available styles would be a stylish addition to any outfit for any occasion. You could even try wearing more than one for a trendy #armparty stacked look. There are two wrist sizes of these bracelets. The Isabella, Emma, Ava and Emily bracelets fit 7” to 7.5” and the Autumn, London and Aubree bracelets fit 7.5” to 8”.


 We also have another beaded style that is a made up of gemstone beads, an open pave ball and spacers. This one is called the Gianna Bracelet. It will fit a wrist of 7.5” to 8”. Just like the others this bracelet is unique and will look gorgeous with any outfit.


Buddha Bracelets

Buddha charms are hugely popular in jewelry. These have appeared on designer runways and have been worn by many celebrities. We have two gorgeous Buddha bracelets created by Monica & Me Designs, amethyst or turquoise. Both beaded bracelets are made up of gemstone beads, a pave ball and a happy Buddha charm. Each bracelet is made of semi precious stones making each one unique. Both of these bracelets will look stylish with any outfit so choose which one you like best. The bracelets will fit a 7.5” to 8” wrist. Mix and match with other bracelets for a layered look fit for the #armparty trend.

imageSkull Bracelets

Skulls are a huge hit and fit perfectly with the new gothic trend for the fall. We have four edgy skull bracelets from Monica & Me Designs. The Samantha, Naomi and Trinity bracelets are made up of gemstone beads, a skull head, spacer and one pave ball. All of these feature semi precious stones making each bracelet one of a kind. These bracelets are quirky and will make a stylish addition to any outfit. Try different looks and stack these with some other bracelets. However you wear one you’re sure to make a trendy statement.


We have another skull bracelet from Monica & Me Designs which is slightly different from the rest. The Summer bracelet is made up of Gemstone Beads and a dangling CZ Skull Charm. Each bracelet is created with semi precious stones. Making it unique and one of a kind.


All the skull bracelets will fit a wrist of 7.5” to 8”. Wear with any outfit for any occasion and try wearing more than one for a layered look.

We hope you love this collection as much as we do. Head to to order yours.

EG 💎


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