Sergio Gutierrez

We are very excited to announce that we are now featuring a new designer collection on our website. The new collection features Liquid Metal Bracelets by world famous designer Sergio Gutierrez.

About Sergio Gutierrez

Sergio was born in Colombia. He went on to study electronic engineering while living in Medellin. In 1991 his work led him to move to San Francisco where he began researching ways of using ball chain to create a mesh like fabric. After two years he developed what is now the basis of his Liquid Metal Mesh line of jewelry and accessories. In 1994 he got his first big break when designer Betsy Johnson approached him about creating exclusive designs for her chain of retail stores. She carried his line for two years.

Sergio Gutierrez

Since then he relocated to Miami where his creativity continued to develop. As a result of his innovative ideas his client list grew with the additions of Nordstrom, Bebe and Cache and still is developing today. In 2003 he was granted a patent for creating a unique technique he named “Liquid Microchip”. He has continued to develop these techniques and incorporated this technology into bags, jewelry, belts, jackets and much more. Creating the Liquid Metal Collections. His collections are “ prized for their comfort and originality, Sergio’s creations are meant to be worn daily, like a second skin, an extension of yourself.”

About Liquid Metal

In his studio Sergio creates stunning and unique pieces forged of this luxurious metal mesh. He says that “One of the most important things in creating the line, is to always work on new creations and finishes to make eye-catching and innovative designs. I strive to always keep the collection fresh and interesting”. His collections are inspired by his interest in 16th century artifacts, particularly chainmail. The Liquid Metal Collection is a reflection of Sergio’s artistic vision. Check out what designer himself has to say about the Liquid Metal collection.

He is a popular designer all over the world and his liquid metal collections are favourite amongst many celebrities such as Nicole Kidman. His collections have also been featured in TV shows, movies and magazines. Make sure you check out our blog post this week to see the celebrity spotlight feature. Where you can find out about the famous faces that have worn the Liquid Metal Collection.

That is our introduction to the hugely successful and innovative designer that is Sergio Gutierrez. We currently have a new range of bracelets available in our store. We will be creating a blog post that showcases all of these this week so make sure you check it out. If you can’t wait you can view these in the featured designers section of the site. Here’s a little peek at whats to come.

Envious Gems Sergio Gutierrez Bracelet

Sergio Gutierrez Liquid Metal Classic Mesh Cuff Bracelet B77. It’s a stunning one of a kind piece that you can purchase today.

We hope you are as excited about this new collection as we are. You can visit our Pinterest page to see more work by Sergio and to find out more information.


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